What? No BART? Retro Bay Area Remembers South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA  June 23, 2022 by @RetroBayArea

A rejected proposal for the BART line that runs through South San Francisco. Late 1990’s.


In this before and after series we can see one of the original proposals for the South San Francisco Bart Line. This proposal included running BART above ground through the city of South San Francisco.


The original photo was snapped looking east at the Boys club which is located at 201 W Orange Ave. That’s the roof of the building on the right hand side and across the street is Los Cerritos Elementary school


Ultimately the line was placed underground and because of this a unique opportunity was created to create a linear park on the swath of land on top of the tube. It’s a nice trail to either walk or ride a bike on.


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NOTE: Paul, the owner of this Instagram page, showcases some amazing local history in pictures and stories and is a must-see. Check out his work @RetroBayArea


For those not on IG, not to worry. Paul is currently working on a website to further share his work. Stay tuned!


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1 year ago

the good old day’s when south city leaders wanted to keep our town quiet and keep it a small town . now they are doing everything to ruin it in the name of(so called) progress.
ugly soviet looking gulags . mad 59 year old life long resident . we don’t matter. that is my opinion. not the town I grew up in anymore. can’t fight city hall I guess . disgusting.