FREE Vacation Bible School July 11-15 at Casa de Oracion

South San Francisco, CA  July 1, 2022 Submitted by Casa de Oracion

It’s Back and FREE! 
Casa de Oracion is excited to host Vacation Bible School July 11-15th from 6:30pm-8:30pm.
We are inviting all children going into Pre-School (Potty Trained) and 6th grade for 2022-2023 to join this fun event.  Each day will have fun games, crafts, snacks, dancing, and bible lessons.
From the website:

Jerusalem Marketplace 2022/Holy Land Adventure

Smell the fresh, warm bread; weave a basket of reeds; make clay pots… Can you hear the music echoing through the Marketplace? Engage all senses as you transport your church to a different time and a fresh experience—and walk with Jesus today!

View the fun video HERE!

Register HERE!

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