Letter to Editor: Traffic Accident Commercial and Magnolia Friday July 1st

South San Francisco, CA July 2, 2022 By Jason Glines

This vehicle collision occurred at 8:50pm at Commercial and Magnolia Avenues in South San Francisco on Friday evening, July 1, 2022.

At this time, unknown injuries.

This is a reminder to folks to drive slow.

This intersection and 600 block is a speedway for cars.

Numerous complaints to South San Francisco Police Department, yet still nothing done
Firedispatch.com shows the response from our Fire Department to this particular call
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1 year ago

Please call the city manager Mike Futrell and complain of the constant speeding on commercial and chestnut streets. This would significantly decrease speeding if they add streetlights to slow things down. The problem is they won’t do anything if there aren’t enough complaints! Please please keep calling him and check in every week if need to. Don’t let him punt to someone below him because the only person that can make the change is Mike.
Call him on his cell phone 650 676-0173 (he answers and will field your complaint)