Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA’s Pet of the Week: Dorito

South San Francisco, CA  July 7, 2022 Submitted by Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA

Do you dream of a partner to share the good things in life with? A partner who loves the great outdoors followed by a comforting cuddle on the sofa. Allow us to introduce you to Dorito, your dream partner. Dorito is a six-year-old neutered male Alaskan Husky mix with soulful amber eyes. He’s brimming with impeccable manners and whip-smart intelligence. Dorito’s two favorite things in life are taking long nature hikes and snuggling. He’s a gigantic fluffy teddy bear when it comes to snuggles. Dorito loves humans, but he’s not crazy about other dogs, so he should be the only pet in a home. But trust us, this handsome sweet guy is all you’ll ever need. Looking for a dog who is the complete package? Ask for Dorito ID# A898140.


Please call Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA at 650-340-7022 to schedule an appointment to meet Dorito. Visit for more information.


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