Would you join the increasing trend and move out of California – if so to where?

South San Francisco, CA  July 18, 2022

How many locals have you known who have moved out of State recently?


Have you considered moving? Where to?


And IF you moved – you are part of the increasing trend –


‘In 2018-19, 56% of moves in California were families fleeing the state. In 2020-21, that figure jumped to nearly 60%’

SiliconValley.com published an interesting article citing stats for those moving out of California in the past few years, and where most are moving to. They also acknowledge Illinois as a state many are fleeing from as well.

Reporter Tammer Bagdasarian does a great job weaving together the complexities on why many are leaving the Golden State, and where they are headed. Read Tammer’s article ‘Moving out: California cities are bleeding residents. How long will the trend last?’


Remote work is only one of the reasons. Housing affordability is another. And some workers are following their companies who have bailed from California in recent times, including Oracle, Tesla and Hewlett Packard Enterprise who have moved to Texas.


Yet others, many who were deemed ‘unessential workers’ during the shutdowns, retired and moved to areas better suited for their new lifestyle. And while not noted in this article, some have cited social issues, such as unlawfulness and homeless camps as reasons to move to other areas that provide more safety.



Locals in South City, and surrounding areas, continue to witness cranes in the air, one City seeming to compete with the next, as high rises reach new levels never before seen. From the Biotech east of Grand, to El Camino Real and beyond, developments for housing and pharma campuses are rising fast and furious yet leaving too many out of the housing market due to affordability. Backyard units are popping up in nearly every neighborhood, as well as homes of high end mansion status like we see on Country Club/ Alida and on Dorado Way. But every day we see our area lose neighbors for other States – and Countries.


The State of California has always been home to ingenuity and new ideas and has witnessed influx of those coming and going many times in the past. However, at this time, it is an interesting development to be aware of.


If you were to move out of California, where would you move to?

And why?

To view a 2018 article relating to this subject ‘California Legislative Analyst’s Office Reports State Losing Residents Via Domestic Migration’



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c g
c g
1 year ago

I moved from South City right before the pandemic to Oregon. I was 27 at the time with a BA and lackluster paying jobs. I was living at home with my mom and had no means to afford any housing on my own anywhere near the Bay Area. The closest city I could go was maybe Sacramento with friends. Figure I’d just move out of state at that point. I recently visited family in South City and I do not recognize my hometown at all. The small businesses are mostly gone, the high rises envelope the once family home neighborhoods, and the mammoth biotech companies have reshaped all of Oyster Point. I am so sad to see my small town indistinguishable from SF, and so grateful to leave and go home to a real small town in Oregon. Sure the wages are a tad lower, but you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Way less crime and population to compete with up here. South City will always be home but it is no place to raise a family anymore.

steve m
steve m
1 year ago

florida or Tennessee my top picks . but too stubborn to leave . rather stay and fight
sacramento to make things more affordable for retirees like me. born and raised
here . taxed to death . high gas and food prices . junkies sleeping in tents.
california has lost it’s luster . and Gavin wants to make a run to the White House ! ?
give me a break. ruined San Francisco. then california . all the smart one’s are
leaving . endless fire’s / blackouts / crime / water shortages . need I need to say more?
I can go on all day ! hopefully the calvary is coming to save the country.