17-Story Commercial High Rise Planned for East Grand in South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA  August 18, 2022 h/t to Kathy

A tall building



A 17-story high rise is in the beginning stages for 121 East Grand Avenue in South San Francisco, towering at nearly 300 feet, the project is planned to house more office and research/ development corporations. This project, to be built next to the train station where Comfort Suites is located today, would be fully electric, and would bring money to the City of South San Francisco in impact fees (est $58.6 million) and ‘community benefits’ (est $30.15 Million) potentially.


East Grand Avenue via Google Satellite

121-East-Grand-Avenue-image-via-Google-Satellite. Where Comfort Suites is located today


More info can be found at SF YIMBY

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common sense
common sense
9 months ago

are you fing kidding? does anyone know what is going on in thsi city that is being fun by out of towners dictating to elected bought council?

what they hell are the cooking up out there in those buidlings? more viruses? anyone ask or know?
anyone see what they are doing in that whole area – gain of future ring a bell to you? idiots to let this happen, drugs and more drugs.
what happens when no more fees coming in and city is left with more rundown – oh wait – those suppose to in charge will be long gone- should never have let that addiego guy back in – him and his so called manager lol an new cronies
just get rid of the south because this is now SF like the manager thought.

steve m
steve m
9 months ago
Reply to  common sense

love the handle (common sense) it is lacking badly . these city leaders don’t have
our best interest in mind. . and too many citizens that are sleeping. defund the
city council. don’t know who is worse the old guard or the new (democratic socialist)
dressed up communist IMPO.probably worse. they both suck for lack of a better word.

Tamara Tinker
Tamara Tinker
9 months ago

8 stories ok. 17 no way.

steve m
steve m
9 months ago
Reply to  Tamara Tinker

8 is too many. and fully electric? i don’t know where the power is going to come from?
they don’t think it out. they are determined to run everything on
sun and wind. we already deal with rolling blackouts. that is what you get when the grid
is already running 30% on this unreliable source . how is that working out ? overeducated ideologs . some of the dumbest people around.