GAME ON WINNERS ANNOUNCED Dominic’s Dinner for Two: Subscriber Sina Toy AND IG Follower @luzinddaa

South San Francisco, CA  August 23, 2022


We held a GAME ON contest for our subscribers and our followers on Instagram, asking who they would share their DOMINIC’S Signature PRIME RIB dinner with, should they be randomly chosen to win. Whew! Thank you to all those who entered – and the comments were heartwarming – it’s good we randomly choose because it would be hard to pick the best responses.

For those that did not win – not to worry – you can still order your dinner – choice of PRIME RIB or LAMB SHANKS – from Dominic’s with their ordering cutoff at 5pm Wednesday August 24th.

A BIG Thank You to Dominic’s on the Go for sponsoring this contest!



We are happy to announce SINA TOY, a subscriber to our website,  and to our Instagram follower @luzinddaa


Please contact us so we can coordinate the details for your pick up of your dinner this Friday evening!

Steak on a wooden platter


Please enjoy the comments below that were submitted in this GAME ON contest:

“I would share with my parents because they have always done so much for everyone in our family. They deserve to be treated to a delicious dinner. And since my Dad cooks since my Mom had a stroke he deserves a break! They are the best parents. So that is who I would share this meal with!” IG winner @luzinddaa 

“I would have dinner with my sweet husband who would deserve a good prime rib dinner.” Subscriber winner Sina Toy


A few comments from our subscribers CLICK HERE to read them all –

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Shellica Polo

I would love to share this with my family of 5 and in-laws!


Mary, and Rosie

I would share with 87 year old who survives on meals on wheels. I’ve been caring for her, and her sick little doggy, almost 5 years now, every day! Not one single day off ( nope, don’t get paid a cent! Out of much love) couldn’t get out for birthday dinner for her, I don’t drive and she can’t walk. She’s been wanting a delicious real dinner for years. This would TRULY make her day, late birthday dinner! Got engaged almost 3 years ago, have yet to be able to even have a real dinner with him yet. I’m only on disability myself, so can’t afford a nice meal, anything I have, I help her with food, vets, etc.. she’s very special to me, I’ve given up my life to care for her, morning, non, till bedtime.. I’m mentally and physically exhausted, my health is bad too, this would sure make us happy and grateful!! If chosen
Didn’t finish email. Hit sent.
Anyway, would be really awesome to be able to share with her, for late birthday dinner. Been very rough 5 years.. lost her sight in 1 eye, I also take care of her sick little doggy, carry her to vet etc.. love them both dearly. Would be a late birthday dinner for me too, couldn’t do anything last week for my birthday. But, it’s fine, anyway, thank you for considering us.
Mary, and Rosie


Jeanette W
With my husband


Stephanie patton

I was selected I would share it with the first person my first born child, because she doesn’t spend enough time with her mom and what better reason to bribe her than with a prime rib dinner about how I was selected because I boasted about her accomplishments of just being an all around good girl

A few comments from our Instagram followers  – CLICK HERE to read more!

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My son



My husband 😋



One of our favorite Dominic’s to-go meals! Would definitely share this with my steak loving husband 🥩🍷🤌



I would share this with my son…!



My sister



I would share it with my loving husband!



My granny ❣️ my love for food and cooking all stems from her.



I would share it with my husband (to celebrate my birthday on August 27th).



I would share with my dad because that’s his birthday.



I would share with my beautiful 17 year old daughter who just started her Sr year at El Camino High. Oh, did I mention she had a heart transplant when she was 12? ❤️❤️❤️



Don’t get left out – ORDER YOURS NOW!


A steak menu



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Thomasina Eileen Toy (Sina)
Thomasina Eileen Toy (Sina)
1 year ago

Thank you for choosing me as the winner for the Friday night prime rib dinner. We will be able to pick up the dinners at 2 p.m Friday. Thank you so much.