Happy 65th Birthday to See’s Candies Chocolate Shop in South San Francisco, CA

South San Francisco, CA  August 18,2022

Three Chocolates beside a text


Visit us on Friday, August 19th, to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of our South San Francisco candy shop!

We’ll have balloons, games, coloring pages, a free sample, and more all day!

OPEN UNTIL 7pm!  This shops offers offers PICK UP service!

The See’s Candies chocolate shop in South San Francisco, CA sells our American-made delicious candies and chocolates. The best chocolate and candy in South San Francisco can be found at See’s Candies where you always get a free sample and friendly customer service.

This See’s Candies in South San Francisco, CA at 210 El Camino Real is our retail chocolate shop which features a candy counter, where you can create your very own custom mixed box of chocolates and candies! We also have the delicious candies that we are famous for, like our boxed chocolates, truffles, nuts and chews, lollipops, and sugar free candy.

Come on into our South San Francisco See’s Candies chocolate shop today! See’s Candies has been in business since 1921 – and once you taste our candies and chocolates, you’ll know why.


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Michelle Millican
1 year ago

How get free samples chocolate Michelle Millican Address 6317 Patton street Fayetteville North Carolina 28311. Mailbox free samples Michelle Millican.Thank you .

Cory Alan David
Cory Alan David
1 year ago

As one who is addicted to “Double Caramels,” our beloved See’s cries out for historical landmark protection. For many decades, South City residents have enjoyed See’s presence as a source of some of the best sweets “in the world,” a friendly neighbor and the best reason to hit the gym after you’ve surrendered to these treats. While many of us love See’s as a “guilty pleasure,” others in our city government might see it as an attractive site to locate a housing project. Let me be clear, I have no knowledge of this ever happening but after recently watching the history and soul being drained out of the city we call home, the fate of anything in SSF is anything but certain. Should anything this insane happen, don’t worry, those who govern us and who value exploitation of our city over the embrace of our history, no doubt, would surely compensate us with a bronze plaque stating “Here once stood See’s Candy Factory, confectioner to the world. The candies were delicious, you can read about them somewhere and you can thank your city government for saving you all those calories.”

Happy 65th See’s Candies South San Francisco. Your faithful SSF resident customers will never abandon you.