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South San Francisco, CA  August 9, 2022

Facebook continues to update ways to receive the information you want most in your feed and this recent change actually has steps to follow to allow users to keep up to date with their favorite pages.


Too often we receive messages asking why certain events weren’t shared or pertinent information did not come through on that platform. At the same time we are finding our outreach has shrunk due to FB’s focus on paid advertising, and as a business, they way it should be. We are grateful for the opportunities given to us the past 12+ years from Facebook and are proud our goal of ‘hooking up local neighbors with other local neighbors’ has been a success.


This is the latest update from FB to help you see the pages YOU want to see in your feed and we hope you consider making the necessary changes for Everything South City so you remain a vital part of our virtual community.


When you click on the LIKE button this new popup should come up – ‘Follow settings’ allowing you to choose how often to see posts from your LIKED pages.


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Facebook page of Everything South City

Facebook settings

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