Letter to Editor: Warning Pet Owners – Our Pet Was Poisoned in Winston Manor Neighborhood

South San Francisco, CA  August 24, 2022 by SSF neighbor requests anonymousA black typewriter

To all pet owners:

Our dog was poisoned yesterday (August 23) at 11:30am, in our yard near the Winston Manor Park close to the Duval Drive entrance/exit where our dog was in our backyard. Someone seemed to have passed something through our fence and fed our dog some kind of poison.

I want to let everybody know that we have contacted the police, and were able to get a visual of a male at our fence and he was shown on our security cameras where our dog was minding his own business in his backyard and within 5 min he collapsed and died. Our cameras captured someone possibly with a hat on and looked to be on their cell.

Warning poison logo



Pictures to come.



If anyone was at the Winston Manor Park at around 11:15am through 11:40am and saw anything suspicious, please contact the South San Francisco PD corporal Lopez if you have any information,(650) 877-8900 . The police are checking with neighbors in our area.

We are heartbroken and bewildered that someone would be so evil to do this. Our dog did not deserve this. He was sweet kind and just so lovable. Please anybody that has a pet please keep your fur babies safe.

The loss and heartbreak we are feeling combined with the loneliness we have to accept will be our new normal. To our fur baby all dogs go to heaven and we hope you are running in fields and know you have and will always be loved -run baby run


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Ava Marie Romero
1 year ago

I live In west winston manor on dundee and just got off work and just found out about this pet safety article this broke my heart and If that would have happened to my family dog Bellatrix I would be heartbroken She’s one in a million