Update from Livable California: Special Request and Teleconference this Saturday Aug 13th at 10 AM

South San Francisco, CA  August 11, 2022 by Livable CaliforniaLivable California logo

Please join us for a Teleconference Saturday Aug 13 at 10 AM.


All bills coming out of Appropriations Suspense will be reported out today, Thursday. So this is a big week and we will discuss the outcome at our Saturday Teleconference and any actions we should take. The last 2 weeks in August are reserved for Floor hearings only. Sept 1 is the end of this legislative session.


A special request for contributions:


Livable California thanks you for past donations, big and small.


If we are to sustain the fight we need additional contributions now. If you consider yourself a member of Livable California or support sustaining our efforts, please make a contribution here.


We are strongly supportive of having California build more affordable housing and we are in favor of sustaining local control to the extent that is compatible with building more affordable housing. We also support bills that protect environmental laws.


We’ve helped stop some really bad bills and helped a few good bills get passed. We’ve pushed bills that help the serious affordable housing problem that California has, while mitigating bills that would not help affordability but would instead put California communities under the thumb of developers and speculators.


Please contribute to help us continue to lobby for good bills and fight bad ones for you, while keeping you informed and involved. Become a sustaining member with a modest monthly donation. If you can’t become a monthly contributor, please send a spot contribution to help the cause here.



Please join our Zoom call this Saturday at 10 AM.


If you have previously attended our teleconferences use your previously assigned zoom link. We resend those on the day before  for your convenience. Please don’t share your unique link. 


First-time attending? You must RSVP at this link. Questions about attending? Email us at: admin@livableca.org.


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steve m
steve m
1 year ago

tune in the the latest Ponzi scheme. grab the pop corn .

kirsten newett
kirsten newett
1 year ago
Reply to  steve m

steve – what is your experience with this group – I’ve only been part of one zoom and they seemed really proactive about responsible building, against politicians like build build build wiener, their website too what was your experience? how are they ponzi