FAVORITE LOCAL EATERIES – Showcase Your Wares at a Taste of South San Francisco November 4th

South San Francisco, CA  September 1, 2022

So, what is your favorite local eatery in South San Francisco and are they showcasing their foods at the Taste of South San Francisco which is scheduled for November 4th at the Conference Center? If not, be sure you share this information with them and encourage them to join this annual favorite event allowing us all the opportunity to …. well, taste South San Francisco!

The event is held at the Conference Center on Friday November 4th from noon to 2pm and brings in a fun crowd of folks who enjoy trying new foods and places. Raffles and displays add a festive feeling to this pre-holiday event. Did we mention this is the 34th Taste of South San Francisco hosted by our South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce? You know it’s the best when it continues this long – so get your favorite eateries to join in!

Below you will find more information the this South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce offering.

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