South San Francisco Locals Respond to New 6-Story Apartments on El Camino Real at Chestnut Blvd The Nine88

South San Francisco, CA  September 2, 2022


Last week we shared a press release sent to us featuring the new development recently completed on El Camino Real and Chestnut Blvd in South San Francisco, the Nine88, on the footprint of the South City Car Wash that had been at that location for fifty years. This mixed-use, multifamily community developed by SummerHill Apartment Communities is 6 stories with 5 levels consisting of 172 residential rental units ranging from studios to two bedrooms with prices from $3274 to $5235 +. {read the press release here}

While local residents and workers agree new housing is needed, what they are seeing being built is not affordable for most of those living here today. It is important that the views and voices of the locals be heard as they watch their City change in ways they never imagined, and are feeling left out. These are some of the comments on our social media, the views and news from one neighbor to another, which helps us keep our small town feeling, even as we continue to grow. We thank our neighbors for sharing their thoughts.


{NOTE: to read more about the move from South City Car Wash, through the development of this new community, please CLICK HERE}


Allen Braun

Built by summer field. Terrible builders, you could not give me one


Justin Guzman

I still have no idea why SSF sticks with the same architect. These condos are all so ugly looking!


Elly Liu

On a different note, does anyone know if we can pay to work out at their gym. It looks so nice and new.


Karen Davenport

Even if I could afford that much rent, I wouldn’t want to live in that location. The building across the street is huge and ugly, too.


Lupe Ibarra

Those prices are outrageous! 


Marcia Frier

Lupe Ibarra Where EXACTLY is this?


Lupe Ibarra

this is in South San Francisco, on E. Grand Ave. The east side, of SSF has turned into a mini San Francisco. With tons of high-rise buildings. You won’t even recognize it. You can get lost back there amongst the buildings. So sad.


Linda Pro

ECR & Chestnut near Safeway


Lupe Ibarra

Oh, I thought these were the buildings off the freeway. Even so just as bad!!


Don Edwards

How can they provide so much luxury and space for so many young families for so little? Did you see the size of the pool? Wow ! and 7 lounge chairs. What time of day was that street picture with so little traffic? maybe 3AM on a full moon….. so sorry I missed this opportunity. Last one leaving the Bay Area turn out the lights unless of course they’re out already.


Michele Egan

So disappointed and fed up with South City council. These 10 new big box monster buildings in SSF take away the charm of So City. I bet half of them will be vacant in 5 years. Spruce@El Camino is next. Then Hickey@El Camino


Kevin Powell

South city wants nothing to do with industry any more. Housing only. You have the millennium falcon across the street. Miss seeing the car was and the old garden nursery. Simpler times


Christina Teani

$4100?! But hey I guess it’s luxury you’re paying for… you’re walking distance to Round Table, a mediocre Safeway and Wingstop! And you get a 0.5 parking space! And don’t forget access to a clubhouse and gym (that nearly every complex has anyway). Plus… don’t forget the stunning views of the banks and Pacific Market. Such luxury justifies the price!


Evie Gonzalez

Christina Teani I know, right!


Jay Novinski

The car wash gave a much better vibe!


Mark Greenberg

Jay Novinski and less traffic…


Darrin Deveaux

Jay Ron Price is now the police station!!


Victor Ceffalo

Jay Novinski Car wash was a lot cheaper too!


Wally Borg Sf

Jay Novinski I truly miss that car wash. It was my reason to go to tanforan mall and then go to the theater


Jan Mazzotti

I don’t even recognize the city I was born and raised in any longer! This is a huge eyesore on the El Camino Real in South San Francisco. To me this just proves the point of profits over people. I hope this complex sits empty. Ridiculous prices for renters! 


Lupe Medrano

That is crazy how much they charge for one bedroom.


Nurin Nurishma

Wendee Marie south city and their “affordable housing”…. Big reason for the move. I can get the four bedroom I want for half that rent a month lol.


Wendee Marie

Nurin Nurishma SSF bs


Kimberly Diaz

These buildings and the HIGH rents are ridiculous! Who can afford these rents?


Colleen Egan

Nothing short of


Thanks City of South City for looking out for the City Employees who have to move across the Bay and commute to SSF. Good luck in finding replacements of vacancies.  Including teachers.


Annie Orton-Speck

Colleen Egan horrible


Maurine Ridings

Colleen Egan 💯


Danielle Howard

$4100 for a 1bedroom….does it clean itself? Restock groceries? Come with a masseuse? Chauffeur?


Marnie Zappa Lyman

Love how this is affordable housing !  what a joke South City


Bernadette Forbes

Marnie Zappa Lyman Becoming Justice corrupt as a San Francisco housing market.


Jennie Magro

Marnie Zappa Lyman of course they never mentioned 5the prices!


Hikey Luna

You call that affordable? get real! Shoe boxes apartment on a busy corner?


Gisela Jimenez

Only $5,000 a month yeah affordable housing smh


Stella Miranda

Gisela Jimenez — Most of the units are market value. Why aren’t they making 5-10 percent low income. What about the working poor that make $1,200-1,800 a month. Are they being forced out. When landlord see this outrageous prices they will raise the rents in their rental units.

Wow! Your pushing out low to moderate income families. Catering to Silicon Valley Techs and Pharmaceutical employees. Disgusting and sad…That new train station wasn’t built based on the residents needs. It was built to attract people from Silicon Valley and pharmaceutical employees. Don’t let the City of SSF fool you. They have no interest in providing affordable housing when they can get market value for each unit.


Evie Gonzalez

Stella Miranda rents can only go up 5 percent a year!


Stella Miranda

Evie Gonzalez -5% to a low to moderate income family that are already priced out of the market can’t afford the current price. How do you think they going to afford (only) 5 % increase? Really!


Lucinda Denning

As you can see no low income housing. Nice one So city. Been on waiting lists for low income housing for over 10yrs. My mom is disabled and we live on the second floor with no elevator. Plus it’s even hard to find a place that takes section 8 and that is in our pricing range. Ugh  we need rent control in San mateo county


Hugo Gomez

I really hate it when these projects are sold to the public as “AFFORDABLE HOUSING” when they are in reality rental units. If these were condominiums that allowed people to build wealth that would be different. These just fleece people for their money. The retail unit will probably never get rented and if they do, they surely won’t be occupied by people from the community and their small businesses.


Elly Liu

Hugo Gomez exactly my thought… I wish we have more small businesses but I doubt any small business can afford the rent


Juan Carlos Felix

Hugo Gomez 💯 Facts just another developer making money for their investors!


Angel Ceballos

Hugo Gomez So True BrO..La Mera Verdad .


Evie Gonzalez

Hugo Gomez the affordable housing words should be removed for sure!


Sue Freitas

All I can hope for is that they all stay empty


Jan Easterday

Sue Freitas My thoughts exactly Sue!!


Lupe D Zamudio

You are right when you describe them as luxury apartments! The everyday SSF resident cannot afford to live there! All of these buildings being approved by the City Council at first promised the residents that they would be affordable! Don’t think the everyday couple nor teachers which we are in need of can live here ! Enough !


Sue Peterson Pirazzi

Lupe D Zamudio agree, Lupe!


Lupe D Zamudio

Sue Peterson Pirazzi it’s ridiculous! They keep approving these condos all over SSF!


Sue Peterson Pirazzi

Lupe D Zamudio it’s sad what they are doing to a nice suburb


Laura Walsh

who can afford to live there and they keep building more housing ugh. What happened to affordable housing. We cannot keep our teaches as they cannot afford to live and work in SSF.


Andrea Carey Villa

Laura Walsh, according to the representatives of South City they stand by their word that these prices are affordable. More people make higher salaries than we know and they are the people the City is catering to, not the local residents.


Laura Walsh

Andrea Carey Villa Thanks for the information.


Kathy Altizio Tetreault

Why do you have to go in the bathroom to relax?

How did anyone that was involved in approving this ‘housing’ project think it was a good idea (rhetorical question). Anyone that can afford that kind of ridiculous rent isn’t looking to live on El Camino in SSF.

I’m curious who had the super swanky idea to name the units after some of the streets here. They should have been named after whoever made a profit from the project.

It’s time to get some new blood in these decision making positions.


Lonny Pini

Kathy Altizio Tetreault they all buy in to what Sacramento tells them to do. City councils are lying sacks of ….!


Evie Gonzalez

We need to pay way more attention to who is running for city council and what their background and goals are! LETS DO THIS, for our sake!


Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz

Evie Gonzalez yes and our Governor as well! Gavin is a bad man! Bad for California we must all vote differently this coming election


Vinny Vance

Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz Wahhhh!…


Evie Gonzalez

Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz so I just found out that the Diablo power plant law that Newsom has signed has a solar tax hidden it. This money will go to PG&E.


Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz

Evie Gonzalez of course!!! He is a sneaky evil man


Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz

Evie Gonzalez can you message me your source etc  thank you


Evie Gonzalez

Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz I saw it on the news, didn’t really pay too much attention


Evie Gonzalez

Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz I just asked my Hubby, he said it was Solar Alliance. They suggested we should contact our representatives, he did!


Juan Bustos

Evie Gonzalez Vote all old timer out and hold newbies accountable.


Jeffery Ninomiya

Evie Gonzalez the person driving the AMG


D.M. Scalero Sr.

Evie Gonzalez follow the money


Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz

D.M. Scalero Sr. Yep


Tim Foley

Evie Gonzalez Hey, it’s Tim Foley . Just wanted to say Hi!


Evie Gonzalez

Tim Foley did you live on Zita?


Tim Foley

Evie Gonzalez yes


Evie Gonzalez

Tim Foley I sent you a friends request.


Elly Liu

4100 for one bedroom  wow..


Clifford Yuen

Elly Liu I passed by that place a few weeks ago and got confused on why such a large building was in South San Francisco! No I know it’s an “affordable housing” rental apartment.


Elly Liu

Clifford Yuen buy it Clifford so I can use the amenity!!!


Diep Jla

Elly Liu They call it affordable housing. Guess I can’t even afford the bathroom. Haha


Elly Liu

Diep Jla IKR…


Robert Jenkins

They always pull that snow job, when people argue against development. They just come back and say it’s affordable housing. Now that it’s built and “ NOT” affordable it’s too late. Money is already in their pockets


Lauren Lopiccolo

Danielle Howard Hey it’s AFFORDABLE HOUSING They Say!


Lauren Lopiccolo

Robert Jenkins Yeah our Good Ole Boy Addiego n his Crooked council persons got their pockets stuffed. BS


Robert Jenkins

Lauren Lopiccolo That’s the first guy I thought of. He’s been at the trough a long time


Robert Jenkins

Lauren Lopiccolo BTW, how you been Lauren?? Hope all is well!!


Lauren Lopiccolo

Robert Jenkins Doing Well, Thank You for asking. How about you? How are you guys doing?


Robert Jenkins

Lauren Lopiccolo All good Kiddo. Retirement in 17 days..


Jo Ann Greene-Edwards

Robert Jenkins WTF $4109 for a one bedroom


Robert Jenkins

Jo Ann Greene-Edwards You have to bring home between eight and $10,000 a month to live there


Jo Ann Greene-Edwards

Robert Jenkins total BS


Robert Jenkins

I’d rather have it back to where I can get a good car wash for $15


Brenda Cruise

No one that grew up here can afford to live there. Sad part is, nobody in charge cares !!


Michael Varnal

Brenda Cruise I thought I may move back to the old neighborhood, you are right way too expensive will just have to keep the old memories.


Robin Conner Lester

And why would anyone live there

Wendy Kerbs-Keach

I thought that a good portion of this development was deemed to be affordable. Once again the Council members & the City Planners have lied to us. Probably time for these decision makers Financials to be audited…. someone is getting major kickbacks from these development companies. Shameful


Mark Martinelli

Wendy Kerbs-Keach lied


Christina Barnett Haas

Wendy Kerbs-Keach Yeah with a 10-15 YEAR wait lists & thousands of applicants great job South San Francisco this is ridiculous Lucinda Denning


Christina Barnett Haas

They are trying to force us all out! Not ok!


Lucinda Denning

Wendy Kerbs-Keach we need rent control in San mateo county


Belinda Skarsgård

Wendy Kerbs-Keach yes that’s what I thought too and even attended the numerous meetings.


Michele Egan

Wendy Kerbs-Keach Spruce @El Camino was to be a new Safeway and some new retail. Plan keeps changing and now it will be another large cocomes. Liars now.


Michelle Brillon

So sad where do low class & middle class go????


Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz

More than my mortgage


Laura Flynn Peradotto

Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz was more than mine also.


Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz

Laura Flynn Peradotto it’s crazy


Laura Flynn Peradotto

Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz yes it is. My kids can’t afford to even look be here any more.


Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz

Laura Flynn Peradotto I bet unless they share one with five other people! WTF it’s disgusting! I really hope people got different this coming election! Spread the word


D.M. Scalero Sr.

Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz, more than my two mortgages combined


Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz

D.M. Scalero Sr. Right


Bill Green

SSF is going down hill.


Epi Aumavae

Who can afford to pay this rent?! Ridiculous!!!!!


Carol Ergas Fuller

Horrendous prices What has happened to the great city I grew up in? It is totally unrecognizable!


Mark Martinelli

When i have birthday party where do my 16 guests park?


Mark Greenberg

Mark Martinelli safeway


Bernadette Forbes

That’s a mortgage payment lol


Glen W Tashunka

Where I worked with Charlie and Dan for years at Unocal 76′ late 80’s early 90’s ……it’s not South City anymore folks


Troy Mitchell

Another overpriced complex…. They keep building and building.


Mark Furlani

Thats a good thing that kid star studed player can move in there that will be playing for the vipors


Elizabeth Wilberg

There is a difference between affordable and low income. Affordable can be at the median. So when they say affordable, they mean the average, not low income.


Игорь Век

Elizabeth Wilberg The median is $85K ( ) . The affordable for such median can’t be > 30% of $7.1K/month = $2.13K/month


Lynn Scoffern

That is NOT affordable housing…unless you’re wealthy! I’m sure the wealthy would find that quite affordable! Just who was the targeted buyer??? Because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t normal people…


Nick Hefner

Just put your💰 in a blender every month


Evie Gonzalez

I am so saddened by this kind of rent. You get way more buy renting a 3 bedroom home is SSF! I use to teach, I could NEVER afford this rent!


Hector Anthony Tonarelli


Kara Gharechedaghy

A family can’t even afford to live here on a regular income. Ridiculous prices


Mel Zealep

This is the reason for the housing crisis. All these new complexes will sit empty or cater to big workers who get paid a shit ton. The goal is just to have the majority of the US be renters. Shame.


Wendy Sinclair-Smith

Finally a place where the workers over in East Grand area can live. I’ve seen hundreds of workers getting off the ferry at Oyster Point to go to work in the morning. Those kinds of jobs can afford those rents. And more workers will be needed for all those new business buildings in progress. There’s a thought we need to consider: better use of the land. Face it, South City has excellent weather. And I guess we could consider the need to share.


Wendy Sinclair-Smith

One small car wash became 172 units for people to call home.


Linda Pro

Wendy Sinclair-Smith

I’m thinking the people coming over on the ferry from East Bay

cannot afford high rent here….

Perhaps that’s why they commute.


Hugo Gomez

Wendy Sinclair-Smith As an employee at said type of job… no. I commute from Concord everyday because

A- Houses are too expensive.

B- Apartments are too expensive.

C- Houses and Apartments are too expensive.


Carol Ergas Fuller

Wendy Sinclair-Smith excellent weather?


Wendy Sinclair-Smith

It’s cooler than East Bay or even North or South Bay.


Wendy Sinclair-Smith

Hugo do you drive or take the ferry or both or other mass transit?


Dee Dee Molina

They are beautiful though, but definitely for Corporate Tenants, Top 20% of the income bracket. Most would complain, but the corporate Execs would love it. I know I do… but sadly I can’t afford that either and I make a decent living.


Hugo Gomez

Dee Dee Molina I don’t know if beautiful is the word I would use.. expensive, yes.. very expensive.


Nancy Kehle

That’s freaking crazy. Who in their right mind would pay that much.


Maurine Ridings

Nancy Kehle Would or could???


Nancy Kehle

Maurine Ridings Both


Larry Hirsch

If nobody rents them they will lower the rent.


Elaine Fitzgerald

I want to get an apartment, there, that has the clearest view of the fog.


Wendy Sinclair-Smith

Great free outdoor gym BTW thanks to City Council of SSF


Treesa Juan Clary

Awful, They have ruined SSF


Lisa Damon

Treesa Juan Clary is that on El Camino where Sneath comes down?


Treesa Juan Clary

Lisa Damon .. I am not sure they are building everywhere .. May be by ECR & Westborough Blvd


Linda Pro

Treesa Juan Clary

Yes – this one is where South City Car Wash was at.


Michele Egan

How do we send the Everything South City Facebook feed to each of the city council members. There are some great comments here for them.


Rose Hdz

Michele Egan they read these comments…. But it’s off the record. It’s better to email, write a letter or attend a meeting. I sent an email yesterday to my City Council.




Lorna Moore

Crazy amount of money


Norah Mendoza

Who can afford those prices?


Debbie Chavez Rivera

Norah Mendoza you would not recognize SSF….there are complexes all along Airport Blvd built or in the process of being built. Condos, luxury apts. Sad, the average income family cannot afford them.


Norah Mendoza

Debbie Chavez Rivera I was just there the other day. Saw how it has grown with all the new complexes along El Camino real


Yukiko Brown

What’s affordable about it?


Joan Smith

Next year it’ll go up in price


Joseph Headlee

RIP South City Car Wash


Evie Gonzalez

Shame, shame, shame!


Terry Keller

Wow! How does anyone afford these prices?


Richard Girard

You can thank our City Counsel for the affordable housing, what a fricking joke


Liz Simmons

So much for affordable housing


Don V Mabutas

Is this where So city car wash was?


Terry Keller

Yes. Big changes in So City.


Angel Ceballos

I Call It B.S…….Ripp Off.Its Not Created For Un Wealthy Low Income People It’s For People Who Work For Big Buisnesses Genitech Silicon Valley Or ESC……It’s Sad Soon So City Will Be Sorry City That Only Creates Houseing For The Upper Middle Class..It’s A Way In Other Terms In To Say You Don’t Make Enough To Live In So.City..🙄🥺😢


Jocelyn A. Limos-Corpuz

That is not affordable, no wonder people are moving away.


Patrick Rebholtz

As usual location location location


Colleen Egan

That’s the funny thing. The location is anything but charming. It’s on a huge busy intersection with the tiniest oldest Safeway, Gunthers, Round table pizza. That’s if you don’t get hit by a car


Martha Rivas Daniel

Ridiculous what’s happening with rent.


Lonny Pini

South City council and Planning really show their true colors. Who elected those sell out dolts?


Consuelo Silva

To the millionaires! Affordable!


Peps Padilla

Celebrate What? Fuck that. Lower the rent. Celebrate that Fo Sho


Guillermo A Bernal

6k a month and everyone is angry at the reasoning why everyone is moving to TX.


Phil Fioresi Sr.

Frickin ridiculous we are giving up our quality of life for this?


Mary Lou Molina

Phil Fioresi Sr. – several years ago before COVID I drove by myself all over South City – at one time I lived at 672 Spruce – what I see above is an abomination – and spit in the faces to all the great people – most long gone who made SOUTH CITY SOUTH CITY.


Virgil Coop

Phil Fioresi Sr. And it’s not going end my friend


Stanley Williams

Phil Fioresi Sr. More progressive democratic policies, please


Juan Bee Jr.

Wonder how many people here will show up to a meeting or just be keyboard warriors? Will you go for knocking for your candidate for the next couple months?


Lupe Jimenez

Sad horrible sight ( south San Francisco the small overcrowded city with to much traffic )


Sue Peterson Pirazzi

It will be empty! SSF residents need to start protesting these gigantic projects that have no place in a suburb! SSF will look like SF in no time if it keeps up.


Beth Jewell Orofino

Sue, get a load of the rents. And they call this “multifamily mixed-use development?” Which families could afford that?


Sue Peterson Pirazzi

Beth Jewell Orofino no one!


Teresa Duran

Sue Peterson Pirazzi .. exactly!!! and where are all those kids going to school???


Bea Noto Loveland

Sue Peterson Pirazzi, I am pretty sure the City Council approved what ever they want to build and where. before they put it to the voters. I attended a City Council meeting a year or so ago they had already approved their plans, a waste of time to attend these meetings


Lynn Brunetti Ellison

Bea Noto Loveland I agree, I wasted a lot of my time meeting with the City Manager supporting City Council candidate who said if elected they would stop this growth and when the were elected they just followed the course and approved the high rises. The Mayor, City Council and City Manger do not listen to the people of SSF. They just blame the building on State Laws.


Michele Egan

Sue Peterson Pirazzi how can we protect. How do we stop this.


Sue Peterson Pirazzi

Michele Egan – get your city manager out!


Lonny Pini

Sue Peterson Pirazzi and the crime. The city built this crap for biotech workers, not residents. Where’s your new supermarkets to handle the incoming population. Sigh.


Kathy Zaharias-Ellis

Vote out those in charge of the City. But sadly it’s too,late.


Ronal Montecinos

Sadly the person who makes these decisions (city manager) was brought in by the council members. City Manager makes over 300k and the city pays for his home,gas and car. He has no idea what a 5 figure salary gets you around here.


Noel Louise Tonkin



Moserod OSe

This is an example of the politician/city gov’t definition of so-called Affordable housing.


Trisha R. Rodriguez

Wow… shame that it is not affordable


Annie Orton-Speck

Trisha R. Rodriguez disgusting, right????? Who the hell on earth can afford this!? I am SICK!


Laura Agresti

Me too enough!!!


Susan Cordova

The rent will kill you… lol


Stacy Giusti Gonzales

More ugly, ugly non affordable housing! Who approves these monstrosities?


Viviana Marrone



Eric Beltrame

As y’all can see, this is not just a South City problem. SSF is just the last and latest arrival to the New California. This is just the beginning of population control and getting rid of middle class.


Mason Goldman

At those prices? No wonder you don’t mind allowing people to be forced into being homelessness. Hope the kick-backs were worth it.


Lisa Scheinholz Pruett

That’s crazy


Jonathan Castillo

Francesca Castillo low income is booked for years….


Samuel Jamesonton

Sir, you are smoking dope.

Shawna MT Mason

Damn! Jenn Nette look at this!


Gino Checchi

Who is going to use the pool and the terrace? Not exactly the weather for that. The cost is outrageous for the square footage. It’s higher than NY.


Jim Kamariotis

Gino Checchi you forget we have those nice two weeks in September  I preferred it when it was a car wash.


Gino Checchi

Jim Kamariotis I loved that car wash. Summer in the city. I need a trip home. Haven’t been in 7 years.


Jim Kamariotis

Gino Checchi, unfortunately, my friend, you won’t recognize So. City. But if you do come up love to have dinner and drinks with you


Dave Levasseur

Gino Checchi I prefer my pool…

May be an image of outdoors and pool


Gino Checchi

Dave Levasseur nice pool.


Amber Bonfiglio

So glad I left that He’ll hole for Florida!


LynnandButch Shoglow-McMahon

Very sad ,it’s to expensive to live here ,and nobody cares


Charlene Baptista Andrade

LynnandButch Shoglow-McMahon wow it doesn’t matter anymore it’s rediculous too that nobody cares as long as the rich keep getting richer!


Linda Pro

This unit is just an

utter Shame‼️

Along with all the other


Elliot Anderson

And you get to live right next to 101 traffic noise


Inez Cunningham

Eye sore and not affordable. SSF is going the way as SF and it is ugly.


Renee Welch



Franco Marine

Agenda 2030, You will own nothing and you will be happy. – WEF


Terrence Mullady



Darryl Wesley

Economy is about to bomb… This company will lose out and have to lower prices for locals to live.


Lynn Carlson Bick


Paul Cawley

Angelique Penaflor


Paul Cawley



Tiffany Jury

Affordable for who??? Millionaires?


Marsha Wray

Tiffany Jury yes for a tiny apartment with no parking. And the retail space will remain empty cuz guess what? No parking. There’s a building on ECR in San Bruno that opened 2-3 years ago. $4K for a one bedroom, $5K for a two bedroom, and $6K for a three bedroom. Retail space on ground level has never had anything move in. No parking.


Laura Flynn Peradotto

Tiffany Jury ya! Not us normal people.


Glen W Tashunka

$4100 1 bdrm lol


Stella Miranda

Glen W Tashunka – They are trying to attract pharmaceutical and silicone valley techies. They don’t care about the low to moderate income that can barely afford food and gas.


Glen W Tashunka

Stella Miranda you are 💯 percent correct love


Laura Flynn Peradotto

Well you just priced out most normal people from living there. And two bedrooms isn’t big enough for most families. South City is becoming more unfriendly to families.


Roberta Hughes

For $3690 a month, you can squish yourself into a fabulous 536 square foot apartment with one bedroom and one bath. Really?

Studio, 1, and 2 Bedroom Apartments in South San Francisco



Valdean Crownover

Roberta Hughes Yikes!


Judy Nand Petersen

Crazy prices


Elizabeth Weatherly

A higher up at SSFUSD sent one like this to us in an email as an “affordable housing” opportunity.  Talk about being out of touch!


Christina Teani

Elizabeth Weatherly are you kidding me?!?! I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised


Elizabeth Weatherly

Christina Teani I miss you!


Sage Buruca

Very unaffordable here


Carol Baker

Kathi Carelli have you seen this… SSF rental omg


Kathi Carelli

Carol Baker I had heard about it prior to leaving. It’s Ridiculous, someone or more must have gotten a nice pay off 


Maurine Ridings

What kind of income would you need to qualify, $12k a month? And $8k for first and last? Ugh!


Sergio Alvarez

The techies gotta go!


Steven Cresci

Ouch Unreal.


Annie Orton-Speck

F this!!


Ryan Scott



Amber Bonfiglio



Lily Deras

So expensive apartments ridiculous and they said adorable for who? Genentic probably. Not for us


Sandy Green

The cost is crazy!!!!


Jeffery Ninomiya

zombie apocalypse death trap


Virgil Coop

More housing More Housing

And then it happens in your neighborhood this is what you get


DeeDee Mercurio

So sad to see my hometown get taken over by corporate pigs

Aaron Pruett

4100 for a 1 bedroom?!?!


Consuelo Alvarez

Alejandra Ledezma


Jan Easterday

✅ That’s a given!! Who could possibly think that is Affordable!


Maria Dermody

$4100 in South City? I grew up there


Mariella López

Mario Ćl Eliizz Vargas Carmen López Miranda


Marco Nunziati



Erik Kessler

Welcome to San Francisco South.


Linda Pro

Erik Kessler lol – true story


Lynn Carlson Bick



Kevin Keller

Good thing is the price of homes are going down so they will not be able to get these crazy prices.


Chrissy Garbo Lewkowitz

How sad


Ivy Beltran

It’s way too much


Norah Mendoza



Debbie de Jong

Renee Welch That’s crazy.


Steve Rozzi

What a Joke $$$


Jessica Carter Perez

Fucken insane. I hate what SSF has turned into




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9 months ago

A little late to be complaining now. Everyone saw this coming. This is all part of why after 50+ years and being a third generation loyal South San Franciscan I’ve finally fled the city for a better one. There’s no end in sight for the cesspool SSF has become because so many residents keep voting the same destructive people into office. I mean, now you just voted for former city council member Mullins to even higher local office? Really? Because you liked his dad? You reap what you sow folks. Since this is the filthy city you seem to want, you can have it. I’m gone, and no, I didn’t bring liberal democrat voting with me.

steve m
steve m
9 months ago

it’s too late people ! everyone has been sleeping ! our city leaders have wrecked our city !
can’t put reverse it now . that is what you get for voting stupid. these people should be jailed for what they have done. they all suck from (the big guy) on down. !!!
there I said it!!!!

Michael Lopes
Michael Lopes
9 months ago

Never mind.

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Cory Alan David
Cory Alan David
9 months ago

Bad news folks. If I’m not mistaken, I believe our always jovial, Mr. Nagales mentioned that one or more city officials attended a conference in San Diego to solicit more biotech companies to locate in our already overcrowded city. This happened in a recent council meeting but I could be wrong as while watching these meetings I am subjected to so much deception that maybe my mind,too, is deceiving me.