South San Francisco Police Department Weekly Crime Report

South San Francisco, CA – September 16, 2022

From the South San Francisco Police Department Facebook Page

September 14th, 2022

DRUG POSSESSION / SALES ARREST – Last night, our officers contacted two adult females (one from San Francisco and the other from Oregon) in a parking lot on Gellert Boulevard after one of them was observed passed out in a vehicle with drugs and drug paraphernalia in her lap.
A search of the vehicle yielded suspected methamphetamine, tar heroin, and a significant amount of fentanyl. Both females were subsequently arrested for various drug charges.
Keep it going graveyard!

September 10th, 2022

BURGLARY ARREST: Earlier this week, a liquor store on the 400 block of Grand Avenue was burglarized during the night where the suspects stole a large amount of liquor and tobacco products. Through great investigative work and working with our Patrol Officers, our Detectives and Neighborhood Response Team were able to identify and arrest three suspects, 23 year old South San Francisco resident and currently on parole, 21 year old Modesto resident and 16 year old Antioch resident. During the Parole search, we were able to recover some of the stolen items. All three suspects were booked for various felony charges. We appreciate all of your hard work by everyone involved. Keep it up!


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steve m
steve m
1 year ago

great job SSFPD. now if we can get the federal government to do something about
deadly fetanyl from pouring over the border? not even a peep from the president.
Brandon does not care and has never even been to the border in his long pathetic life as a public servant. the border control is over run with (new) voters and can’t catch all the drugs coming in. they do not care who dies in the process .
it’s his damm job! that crap nearly killed my neighbor. ! welcome to open borders !
where is the Vice President? you know the one in charge of the border?
may as well put her on a milk carton is a missing person. completely useless.
and the homeland security guy. whats his name? the guy that looks like dr. evil.
complete s-show.