South San Francisco Scavenger Company Trash Talk—Waste Bin Checks

South San Francisco, CA  September 1, 2022 Submitted by Teresa Montgomery, Sustainability Manager at SSF Scavenger Co.

Q: Are our garbage, recycling and organics bins being inspected?


A: Yes. SSF Scavenger staff periodically check residential and commercial waste collection bins to ensure that materials are sorted correctly. This is done in accordance with California Senate Bill 1383. The goal is to reduce contamination of recyclables and compostables, as well as to minimize the amount of organic material sent to landfill.


Q: What happens if SSF Scavenger staff observe a problem with the materials in one or more of our bins?


A: When a problem is observed, an educational flyer will be attached to the offending bin. The flyer will indicate the problem and whether the bin will be emptied as a courtesy or left full until the problem is corrected.


Need to brush-up your sorting knowledge? Try using the search tool at


Want to learn more about SB 1383? Please visit

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