HELP ECHS C/O 99 Classmate Leslie Lynch For Hospice Care Fundraiser

South San Francisco, CA  October 20, 2022  by Angie Rowland 

NOTE:  Class of 99 another one of our classmates needs our help. If your able to donate, it all helps. If you feel comfortable please share, trying to get our friends some much needed support in a hard time.


As hard as sharing this heartbreaking update about Leslie may be, it’s nowhere near as hard as the battle she is currently facing. Any and all help is appreciated. Please share if you feel comfortable. Keep her in your thoughts, and YES Leslie, prayers.

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There are times in life when we all need a little help, and right now Leslie needs us more than ever. It is with great sadness that I share that the diffcult decision has been made to transition Leslie to end-of-life hospice care. They hope to have everything in place by Friday so that she can be home with her cats, but as with all things medical, that can change.
Medical Update – October 20, 2022:
Leslie is experiencing liver and kidney failure, and unfortunately, her other organs are extremely weak and showing signs of failure. Additionally, toxins are building up in her body. In an attempt to keep her comfortable, she is on high doses of pain medication. Doctors are aggressively treating the infection, but the truth is, her condition is grave and the diagnosis is terminal.
This is where we come in, Chris needs support in the coming days, weeks and months. The financial burden will be steep, and any assistance is appreciated to help in this time of need.
We are all hoping and praying, even though that would just piss Leslie off, that she pulls through this and continues to grace us all with her sarcasm and love of cats.
Any support is appreciated to support Leslie and Chris.
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