How Sweet to Work for See’s Candies – Openings Available in South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA  October 5, 2022

You can hear the sense of pride our readers have expressed when relaying stories of having worked at See’s Candies through the years. Some of our neighbors have followed in the footsteps of parents and aunties and uncles who worked at our local operations and enjoy the generational connections.

See’s Candies is now hiring in South San Francisco for multiple positions ranging from IT specialist to Payroll Manager to Seasonal Production Worker. To read more and to apply please follow this link HERE.

Below is a list from their website of open positions. Please share this with those in your circle who might be seeking a local sweet career!

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Your neighbor
Your neighbor
11 months ago

GOOD 2ND JOB! That you need because everything is so darned EXPENSIVE, right now.
I thought I could retire early but have to return to work because gas prices, food prices are through the roof.
I never thought I’d be asking for free bag of groceries, but I am now.

M Watson
M Watson
11 months ago

I use to work for See’s Candies, they are a good company to work for.