Letter to Editor: Tom Carney for City Council District 5

South San Francisco, CA  October 6, 2022 by Stella Miranda

I confidently recommend Tom Carney for City Council. Tom excels in the areas of government ethics. In my years of working with Tom in various capacities, I have found him totally trustworthy and incorruptible. 


Tom Carney is an experienced public servant with a clear vision of where he wants South San Francisco to go in the next decade. Many residents share his vision because it focuses on keeping our city a beautiful, clean, and enjoyable place to live. 


Tom has been a long time resident and has served as an employee for the City of SSF. He served as a board member to (North Peninsula Neighborhood Services) a former SSF non profit that served the residents of South San Francisco, San Bruno and Brisbane. As a board member he was very hands on in the operations and worked hard to help serve the residents of the cities we served. . Tom Carney was essential in the planning of our annual holiday program that provided (thanksgiving food, Toys and food for Christmas) for over 800 families (1,890) in the household. I recall one year when Second  Harvest Food Bank  allocations for the holiday program were low and Tom Carney spoke with the food coordinator and came back with more than enough food to serve all of our clients with plenty of food.  


On another occasion over 300 residents were displaced from a local residential hotel and it was Tom that coordinated with our caseworkers to get all these individuals housed and feed seven days week. Tom feels it is important to increase resident participation since all changes have an impact on the cities residents.  



Tom will bring a new perspective to this City Council. Current City Council should also provide new dynamic vision and leadership that serves the residents and is all inclusive to  it’s community residents 


EDITOR NOTE: Carney is a candidate for City Council District 5



Spanish Translation:


Recomiendo con confianza a Tom Carney para el Concejo Municipal. Tom sobresale en las áreas de ética gubernamental. En mis años de trabajar con Tom en varias capacidades, lo he encontrado totalmente digno de confianza e incorruptible. 


Tom Carney es un servidor público experimentado con una visión clara de hacia dónde quiere que vaya el sur de San Francisco en la próxima década. Muchos residentes comparten su visión porque se enfoca en mantener nuestra ciudad como un lugar hermoso, limpio y agradable para vivir. 


Tom ha sido residente durante mucho tiempo y ha trabajado como empleado de la Ciudad de SSF. Se desempeñó como miembro de la junta de (North Peninsula Neighborhood Services), una antigua organización sin fines de lucro de SSF que prestaba servicios a los residentes del sur de San Francisco, San Bruno y Brisbane. Como miembro de la junta, estuvo muy involucrado en las operaciones y trabajó arduamente para ayudar a servir a los residentes de las ciudades a las que servimos. . Tom Carney fue esencial en la planificación de nuestro programa anual de vacaciones que proporcionó (comida de acción de gracias, juguetes y comida para Navidad) a más de 800 familias (1890) en el hogar. Recuerdo un año cuando las asignaciones de Second Harvest Food Bank para el programa de vacaciones eran bajas y Tom Carney habló con el coordinador de alimentos y regresó con alimentos más que suficientes para servir a todos nuestros clientes con abundante comida. 


En otra ocasión, más de 300 residentes fueron desplazados de un hotel residencial local y fue Tom quien coordinó con nuestros trabajadores sociales para alojar y alimentar a todas estas personas los siete días de la semana. Tom siente que es importante aumentar la participación de los residentes ya que todos los cambios tienen un impacto en los residentes de la ciudad. 


Tom traerá una nueva perspectiva a este Concejo Municipal. El Concejo Municipal actual también debe proporcionar una nueva visión dinámica y un liderazgo que sirva a los residentes y sea inclusivo para los residentes de su comunidad.

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Dr Sunny King
1 year ago

Tom Carney has a heart of gold.
Tom Carney is a leader who has 5 essential skills: 
1. innovation, 2. vision, 3. inner values, 4. inspiration, and 5. communication.

Tom Carney focuses on productivity such as motivation, teamwork, and objectives. 
He encourage creativity to reach a desired goal. 
Tom is effective, efficient, task-oriented, impulsive, and project focused.

Yes, Tom Carney for City Council District 5.

Catherine Rancatore
Catherine Rancatore
1 year ago
Reply to  Dr Sunny King

Tom Carney has lived in district 5 for many years, he has known, loved and has always tried to improve our neighborhood, the sometimes forgotten part of South San Francisco! NO candidate knows better what our community needs and deserves. A vote for Tom is a vote for us. Please vote Tom Carney