Letter to Editor: Vote NO on T(ax)

South San Francisco, CA  October, 2, 2022 by Jeffrey Tong, Candidate, SB City Council, District 1

I am resident in Monte Verde in San Bruno, which is within SSF-USD.  I have served on San  Bruno and SMC’s bicycle committees for ½ decade. In that time, I analyzed the design of the Westborough subdivision.  I also analyzed how decisions are made at Samtrans.  Public transit planners do not consider the terrain – they only looked at a flat map.  The buses don’t stop where needed.  Where they do stop, they are too infrequent.  In essence, public transit is extremely lacking, if it exists at all.

The SSF-USD trustees claim part of the ½ billion dollars of your taxpayer money will build what …LOW COST HOUSING at Westborough?
If you are in the low income bracket and live in Westborough, you can not depend on public transit to get anywhere – you must buy a car, insurance, gasoline, etc!  You can’t cross I-280, let alone walk into Westborough Shopping Center, without car!  Westborough is an island for the pedestrian/transit rider!
After 30 years of payments with interest, this ½ billion will cost taxpayers over $1 billion dollars.  Vote NO on T(ax).
Jeffrey Tong, Candidate
SB City Council, District 1

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Mike Harris
Mike Harris
11 months ago

Jeffrey Tong & I began our campaign to convert San Bruno to a Charter City June 2019.

SB CC considered it. They rejected the idea.

I talked Tom Carney into running for SSF CC District 5.
Tom ran against Dave Pine in 2020 for County Supervisor.
He filed too late. He could only run a write in campaign.
There were no other candidates on the ballot.

I am helping Angelique Presidente’s campaign for SSF CC District 1.

Jeff examined SB for possibilities after I told him about district elections.
I told Jeff that a General Law City could have up to 7 districts.

When Jeff came back with: 7 does not fit, but 9 does.

We (thus) began our campaign for San Bruno’s conversion to a charter city.
SB CC converted to 4 districts on their own volition.
SSF refused to do so. I contacted Kevin Shenkman.
SSF paid Kevin $30000. They could have done this on their own FREE.

SSF fits into 9 districts if Westbrough is divided in half.

California requires a 15% voter initiative to get a charter city measure on the ballot.
This applies to both general law counties & cities.

Next legislative session, I hope to petition the California Legislature to reduce the initiative signature threshold from 15% to 5%.

California needs to allow General Law Cities & Counties up to 9 districtly elected council members & county supervisors.
California needs 2 year terms for city & all local elections. This could eliminate recalling public officials.

Boards of Supervisors should be 4 years, but all on Pesidential Election years ONLY.

California has only 125 charter cities of 483 total cities & towns.
California has 12 – 13 charter counties.
El Paso Robles & El Cerrito are the latest conversions.

The people need to take back their destiny from political machines.

A city council or county board of supervisors can do this on their own initiative.

Jeff & I wanted 9 districts, 2 year terms, at large Mayor for SB.
SB already has an at large Mayor, elected every 2 years (since 1977).

State of California Voting Rights Act provided 1 tool to get district elections.
California legislature also mandated even year elections, tool #2.

Half the Battle was won. The people need do the rest.

I won my VA disability upgrade to 100% effective June 1, 2022.
I must now go back to my Nov 2021 adverse rating decision & fight fot this back to 2004 or earlier.
I have fought this battle since 1985. My mild asthma rating could go back to 1987.

We are called ‘The Fighting Irish’ for good reason.


Norma Flagg
Norma Flagg
11 months ago


I tried to save on the high cost of gas and Sprouts has an offer for free delivery of grocery if you buy $33 for a limited time
I shopped for items online and saw the cost for a dozen eggs was $8.99 a doz.
Outrageously~ expensive !
How expensive everything is almost on a daily basis.

Eckner Padilla
Eckner Padilla
11 months ago

We’re struggling, common $en$e says oppose Measure T(ax).
Inflation is very real, eroding the buying power of families who are leaving the area due to tough economic times. Increased homelessness is everywhere, and the by-product of the hard times everyone is experiencing.
Ax the Tax ! VOTE NO on T.

Cory Alan David
Cory Alan David
11 months ago

Excellent observations Mr. Tong and I’d like to add one more of my own.

The trustees are asking for more money to address problems that should have already been rectified by earlier funding. This is another classic visit to the theoretically bottomless well that is the taxpayer. While I historically have supported virtually every tax that benefited the collective whole, maybe it is time to stop being “played.”

It’s kinda’ like PG&E leading cheers for themselves for under grounding power lines in dangerous fire areas after we’ve paid to do it already with earlier rate increases. I guess those executive bonuses just outweigh public safety.