Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA’s Pets of the Week: Victoria and Albert

South San Francisco, CA  October 27, 2022 Submitted by Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA


Two gray cats

The names Victoria and Albert are synonymous with royalty, and this pair of bonded cats are in step with that tradition. Meet senior feline pair Victoria and Albert. This 10-year-old male and female Silver Tabby duo are seeking a new realm to rule. Victoria is the more gregarious of the two…and loves to be social…she is the queen after all. Albert tends to defer to Victoria and is a tad bit reticent, but with some patience and understanding, he’ll warm up in no time. Both cats possess incredible sparkling sapphire eyes. Looking to add some royal enchantment to your life? Ask for Victoria and Albert ID#’s A633958 and A633969.

Please call Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA at 650-340-7022 to schedule an appointment to meet Victoria and Albert. Visit for more information.


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