Samaritan House Seeking Meal Delivery Drivers to Provide Warm Dinner for Our Low-Income & Elderly/Housebound Neighbors

South San Francisco, CA  October 17, 2022 Submitted by Sheri Boles, Volunteer, Samaritan House of San Mateo County


Samaritan House of San Mateo County, where I volunteer, is in need of more drivers to support their Mobile Meals Delivery Program. Mobile Meals supports low-income and elderly/homebound individuals in and around San Mateo County with a warm nightly dinner. Delivery needs are mostly on weekday afternoons, but there are also weekend openings. All meals are picked up at Samaritan House headquarters (4031 Pacific Blvd. in San Mateo) and, from there, the staff will provide you with a route list. They also have a sub list for one-off driving opportunities. Drivers must be 18+ and licensed, but can bring passengers of any age with them in the car. Any size car works for the majority of routes and you just need to complete a waiver form to drive. To express interest, please email Thank you very much for your generous consideration and supporting food insecurity for our low-income and elderly/housebound neighbors!
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