South San Francisco Avoids Public Services Strike By Raising Wages

South San Francisco, CA  October 4, 2022 Press Release

Historic Pay Increases Will Help Struggling Workers at South San Francisco Parks, Preschools, 911, Other Essential City Services

Preschool teachers, 911 dispatchers, park employees and other city workers are voting this Wednesday on a new agreement between their union, AFSCME 829 and the city of South San Francisco.


South City’s own surveys revealed South City workers currently make 12% less than their counterparts in other cities, negatively impacting the city’s ability to retain workers and fill vacancies.


Under the tentative agreement up for a vote tomorrow, nearly all of the city’s 120 employees will see their paychecks increase by 11% – 15% over 2 years, some of the biggest public sector increases in the Bay Area.


“With the rise of inflation, a livable wage has become a necessity. Many of us can’t afford to live in the city where we work,” said Kristin Pierotti, SSF preschool teacher. “This historic pay increase will help South City retain, and attract, the best preschool teachers, 911 dispatchers, and other essential workers we all rely on to make South City a great place to live.”


More than 95% of members working for the City had signed commitments to go on strike if necessary. A city worker strike could have impacted South City’s parks, libraries, preschools, 911 call centers, building permits, and other essential services.


“People literally rely on our 911 line to help save their lives, and now we can attract and keep more dispatchers. I love my job, I love my coworkers, and I love the city I work for. It is such a relief to know that South City will offer more competitive wages, especially in these times of economic crisis. – said Marisa Jordan, SSF 911 Dispatcher for 15 years


Approximately 120 South San Francisco City workers will benefit from the agreement,  including:

  • 911 dispatchers

  • Park workers

  • Tree trimmers

  • Librarians

  • Preschool teachers

  • Facilities maintenance workers

  • Public works workers

  • Building and construction inspectors


According to the city’s own numbers, South San Francisco has nearly $60 million in reserves, nearly half the annual operating budget, and twice what’s legally required. City workers say the city has more than enough to pay workers more.


“There’s no question whether or not South City has enough money currently or will have enough future revenues to pay us fairly. Workers pour their hearts into this city, now management is showing us some love too,” added Nate Pisani, Lead Parks Maintenance Worker



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