South San Francisco Welcomes New Downtown Business D&C Cajun Seafood on Grand Avenue

South San Francisco, CA  October 11, 2022 Press Release


Last Friday, District 5 City Council Candidate Tom Carney was invited to perform the ribbon-cutting ceremony for D&C Cajun Seafood. Restaurant entrepreneur, Liu Wei, and his staff served a number of delicious dishes including its famous House Special Pan Fried Pork Bao.

Welcome to Cajun and Dumpling restaurant located at 320 Grand Avenue in South San Francisco


For nearly 15 years the space at 320 Grand Avenue was left vacant. The property owner, Mr. Fard put in a lot of money to remodel the space, but it was not an  easy feat. He hit many roadblocks; the City did not make it easy to get plans approved and the permitting process was a nightmare.  When the time came to select the perfect tenant, Mr. Fard’s choice was Mr. Liu because his restaurant would bring a new concept to South City, something he had not seen before.


Tom and Mr Liu Wei officially D&C Cajun Seafood located at 320 Grand Avenue


Tom’s vision for Grand Avenue is to encourage businesses like Mr.Liu’s to come to South City.  South San Francisco needs more variety, and entrepreneurs like Mr.Liu and property owners like Mr. Fard to help revitalize our Downtown.


Tom shares his vision of a revitalized downtown


To support small businesses and those interested in coming to South San Francisco, Tom believes the City should do more to cut the red tape that makes it less desirable for small businesses to operate in South City.  Also, revitalization, one of his priorities for District 5, needs to start with the City increasing its Capital Improvement Plan funding for the Downtown to make it more inviting to both residents and visitors. Simple things such as litter removal, sidewalk washing, and improved parking are crucial for businesses located in Downtwon to thrive.


Restaurant entrepreneur, Liu Wei opened his first dumpling restaurant, Dumpling Home in San Francisco’s bustling Hayes Valley. Just last year Dumpling Home was added to Michelin’s List of recommended restaurants.


Locals are already raving about this new find – go see for yourself. Tell them Tom sent you.

Michelin celebrated Dumpling Home for its “delicate art of soup dumplings, which arrive with supple skins and spoonfuls of delicious broth far clearer and more distilled than most.”  The dumplings were delicious and the cajun seafood was mouthwatering!


That prompted Wei’s interest in expanding which led to his second dumpling restaurant Mom Dumpling which opened in May of this year. With both restaurants becoming a great success, he decided to open a third dumpling restaurant, but this time he would bring Cajun and dumplings together into one place, something that has not been done before.


Come out and support D&C Cajun Seafood.  You won’t be disappointed.


D&C Cajun Seafood


320 Grand Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Open 7 days a week from 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

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