Stolen Vehicles from South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA  October 10, 2022

There are few things more frustrating than starting your day only to look outside and see your vehicle is missing. That is what happened to two of our neighbors who live in two different neighborhoods across town.

Samantha, from Avalon Park, has reported their car was stolen from in front of their home this past Saturday morning. A police report has been made and she is asking if anyone sees their car, pictured below, to please contact SSFPD at 650-877-8900.



In the Sunshine Gardens neighborhood, another neighbor reported their family’s 1998 Econoliner van stolen from in front of their home on Forestview. That theft took place on Friday morning. Again, if anyone has any information our neighbors greatly appreciate your help by contacting our police department.


And remember, if you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, call PD. While often times it might not be a concern, you are also protecting your vulnerable neighbors should your gut feeling be correct.


See something, say something.

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