City of South San Francisco Appoints South San Francisco has appointed Leslie Arroyo as the city’s Deputy City Manager

South San Francisco, CA  November 16, 2022 Press ReleaseLogo of the City of South San Francisco, California (1)

South San Francisco has appointed Leslie Arroyo as the city’s new Deputy City Manager. Arroyo previously served as the city’s Communication Director, a role she has held since 2015.
“Leslie is an integral part of our executive management team and has consistently taken on increasingly more important and complex tasks and roles over her eight years with the City” says South San Francisco City Manager Mike Futrell. “She is a leader who has earned the respect of her peers and the City Council and will excel as the new Deputy City Manager.”
As Communications Director, Arroyo lead all efforts to modernize and expand the city’s communication efforts, including social media on all platforms along with written and video outreach efforts, facilitating continued transparency and openness. As Deputy City Manager, Arroyo will have responsibility over the city’s equity and social justice initiatives, including management of the new Equity and Public Safety Commission, as well as leading community outreach efforts and multi-departmental initiatives, while continue her role leading communication efforts in the city.
Arroyo has more than twenty-five years of combined private and public sector experience and brings a diverse background to this role. Arroyo began her career as a consultant for Accenture, specializing in process and change management. In 2000, her career took a different path and she chose to become a television news reporter and anchor. She worked for NBC affiliates in Chico, Calif. and Reno, Nevada, specializing in education and politics. She eventually landed in a top 15 market, ending her television career in Minneapolis, Minn. TV. She then transitioned to the world of public relations and began her award-winning corporate public relations career working for Ketchum, a prominent global PR firm in San Francisco, as a Vice President.
“I’m honored and humbled to serve as the Deputy City Manager for the City of South San Francisco – working with the leadership of our City Council and City Staff – and continuing to serve the residents of South San Francisco,” says Leslie Arroyo. “Our City is in a great position and we have passionate residents that we will continue to listen to, and help in any way possible.”
As Deputy City Manager, Arroyo joins Assistant City Manager Sharon Ranals, Assistant to the City Manager Christina Fernandez and City Manager Mike Futrell as the leadership team in the South San Francisco City Manager’s Office.
Arroyo has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management, with an emphasis in marketing and communications from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from San Francisco State University.
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