Cross Town BELL GAME Rivalry COLTS vs WARRIORS Saturday November 5th Clifford Field by Coach Jake

South San Francisco, CA November 3, 2022 by Coach Jake

Poster for Bell Game



BELL GAME Saturday November 5th Clifford Field SSFHS 400 B Street, SSF

JV @ 11am
Varsity @ 2:00 PM
Collage of a light post and two teams

THE BELL GAME 1962-2022


– -What I know about the Bell Game- -by Coach Jake


Mr. Keropian EC’s first Principal from 1961-1988 told me the Bell Trophy was sponsored by the SSF Lion’s Club, and the Bell was chosen to replicate the Mission Bells which are found up & down the 700 mile historic California Mission Trail, aka “The Royal Road”


The Bell Game has been played since 1962. In that first year the score was 32-0 Warriors. In 1963 The Warriors won 8-2…. El Camino would not score another point for Eight Seasons until 1972. The Colts lost 21-7 but legend has it that The EC Fans as well as the Northern Part of town went NUTS!!!!! Celebrating the first ever touchdown against the Warriors. It took El Camino TEN SEASONS to score its first touchdown against the Warriors…


The year I was born 1970 The Bell Game ended up as a TIE. EC 0 – SSF 0


In 1973 The Colts Win The BELL for the Very First Time!!! EC 13 – SSF 7


In 1976 The Colts Win The BELL!! EC 10 – SSF 8


In 1978 The Colts Win The BELL!!! EC 10 – SSF 7


I was at Clifford Field in 1983 in the rain with my Pop’s. The Colts Win The BELL!!!! EC 12 – SSF 8


I was at Clifford Field in 1985 when Cliffton Smith and SSF destroyed EC 48-0


I went both ways as a Junior and recovered a fumble on our own one yard line. Thank God


Shawn Scott called his own number and ran for a fake Punt first down to keep the game winning drive alive. & I’ll never forget our QB Jay Lee (Blanket Award Winner) running for key yardage on our game winning drive. The Colts Win The BELL!!!!!


EC 16 – SSF 10


My Senior year SSF said they had a surprise for us. They came out in pre-game in their practice uniforms. Then they left and came back out in all Black uniforms, with Bells on their sleeves w/ dashes for how many times they have beaten us since 1962. I hated those black uniforms & we lost in 1987.


SSF 14 – EC 0


I was there as an assistant coach in 1990 when somebody put a pipe bomb in the scoreboard and it blew pieces of metal out to the 30 yard line. Thank god the ball was on the South side of the 50 & no one was hurt. I was standing next to Louis Simondi when it went off. Steve said right after, “now there’s something you don’t see everyday”. I played for CCSF that night and I tore my ACL vs. DVC but I finished the game.


We lost again SSF 37 – EC 0


I was there as a coach in 1994 when we won the Bell and they wouldn’t give it back to us, so we went in and got it. The Colts Win The BELL!!!!!!


EC 28 – SSF 8


I was there as a coach in 1997 when our punter took the snap off his facemask and we gave one away to the Warriors that day SSF 12 – EC 7


I was there as a coach in 1998 when we took it to the Warrior’s. The Colts Win The BELL!!!!!!!

EC 25 – SSF 12


I was there in 1999 when SSF RB Luther Mason had one of the best ½’s of football I’ve ever seen before or since, but we held them off for the win. The Colts Win The BELL!!!!!!!!

EC 30 – SSF 28


1998 -1999 is the only time that EC has ever gone Back – to – Back. It should have been a 3-pete but the 1997 game still haunts me.


My first and only Bell game victory as a head coach was 2003. The toughest part was getting outta there due to some dust-up at the conclusion of the game. The Colts Win The BELL!!!!!!!!!

EC 36 – SSF 19


In 2013 we played our first ever Bell Game at El Camino’s Colt Field. What should have been one of the happiest days of my life was by far the worst. I can still see the kick sail Wide Left as we lost SSF 29 – EC 28. I’ll never get over that game in 2013.


We lost by one point again in 2016, a real heartbreaker. SSF 28 – EC 27


IN 2018 WE WON THE BELL for the first time in 15 years!! Javion Tarusan scored 5 TD’s on the day in one of the greatest games ever had by a Colt in the History of the Bell Game. The Colts Win The BELL!!!!!!!!!! EC 41– SSF 15


In 2019 SSF at EC November 9th- BACK TO BACK BELL VICTORIES: First time since 1998/1999- – 1st ever Victory at Colt Field. #2 Javion Taruasan 7 TD’s vs the Warriors the last 2 years.- – COLT PRIDE- – COLTS 39 – Warriors 0


2020 – COVID-19 D N P


In the Spring April 17, 2021 EC WINS THE BELL FOR THE FIRST EVER 3-PETE in El Camino’s History!!!! COLTS 49 – SSF 12




SSF vs. EC the rivalry RENEWS this Saturday November 5th Kick-off 2:00 at Clifford Field

The Bell Game trophy

Where will the BELL live after this Saturday?


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10 months ago

Rooting for South City Warriors, but really, just want a good, clean, and safe game for both teams. Both SC and Elco are doing great this year and this brings pride to our beautiful Hometown. May the best team win. And if you have never been to a game, you need to see the South City Marching Band and Color Guard Performance as they alone are worth the price of admission. Go Warriors!

Robert Richardson
Robert Richardson
10 months ago
Reply to  Hogan

You said it Hogan. Come out and cheer the home teams! So. City Pride on display.