South City’s Kitties!

South San Francisco, CA – November 11th, 2022

October 29th was #NationalCatDay and we asked our residents to share pictures of their beloved kitties! You did not disappoint! Some have been shared on our social media already, but here are some you may have missed! Orange cat Artwork of a black cat walking on a street with jack-o'-lanterns A gray cat A cat with a black face and grayish body Two black and white cats A cat with a shocked face A gray cat with white spots and a face that looks angry Two cats, one sleeping on the couch and the other sitting on the back rest of a sofa A wide-eyed cat that looks curious A black cat A light gray cat A white cat with a shocked face, hiding inside a box A black cat with its body arched A brown and black cat that looks frowning A sleeping cat A Halloween-themed collage of a black cat A cat with sleepy eyes inside a paper bagA brown cat wearing a green shirt An orange cat on a rug, looking up A black cat with half of its body behind a curtain A gray and brown cat just staring straight ahead A black and gray cat inside a big paper bag A black and brown cat hugging some leaves An orange cat lying on the back rest of an office chair An orange cat in a kennel An orange cat with half of its body covering a notebook and some papers



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