St Veronica’s vs All Souls Baseball Team Vie for Championship Friday Nov 4th at 6:30 in Bayside Park

South San Francisco, CA November 3, 2022A graphic of a baseball hat and bat

Thanks to Martin for the tip of the week:

Saint Veronica’s 4th/5th Grade combined baseball team will play for the championship against All Souls 4th/5th-grade team on Friday at Bayside Park in Burlingame. While it is D2 by default of the combined grade teams, it’s pretty awesome that both SSF schools are playing for the championship for PPSL.
The game starts at 6:30 – come on out and support our kids!
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10 months ago

It’s great to announce this game, but why not also announce the 6th grade girls volleyball championship between All Souls and Saint Veronica? The girls worked hard to get to this point, each with only a single loss this season, so it’s a little troubling to see them ignored on a South City community site.