South San Francisco’s Award-winning Autistic Chef Ava Marie Enters New Competition – VOTE NOW!

South San Francisco, CA  December 1, 2022

Our local celeb Chef Ava Marie has entered yet another contest and is once again asking for help from our community in voting for her #1 Pumpkin New York Style Cheesecake Pie, a winning recipe for sure!


CLICK HERE to vote up to FIVE TIMES a day – and know that your efforts not only help our amazing Chef, but also each vote generates a $1 each to Nabisco to the celebrity’s charity of choice –  AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY {more info HERE}.


Chef Ava Marie’s pumpkin New York style cheesecake pie with sour cream topping

Chef Ava Marie’s pumpkin New York style cheesecake pie with sour cream topping


“Today is the day my recipe has been selected for the celebrity chef charity recipe AND  the contest winner will have their recipe on the billboard on the streets of New York City – how cool is that!!” our Chef tells us “So please vote now for my cheesecake from December 1st to 8th on this link HERE.  Each vote counts $1.00 match I am competing for up and coming celebrity Chef Roberts charity American Cancer Society and I need those votes  please and thank you!!”


Be sure to check out the great recipe our Chef has listed on her entry and if you give it a try – circle back and let us know what you thought!




Ava Marie

South San Francisco Celebrity Chef Ava Marie fulfilling a lifetime dream to be on the set with Celeb Chef Guy Fieri



Ava Marie is a lifelong resident of South San Francisco and lives in Winston Manor with her family.

Born with autism, Ava Marie has never let that, or anything else, get in the way of her goals.

Her passion for cooking and teaching is contagious and she’ll have you cooking and baking up a storm in your own kitchen like a pro in no time! Chef Ava Marie has won several awards, authored cookbooks and offers live cooking demonstrations on her Facebook page.

To read Everything South City articles on Chef Ava Marie CLICK HERE.

To read her blog, full of great recipes, CLICK HERE.

And follow her on Facebook CLICK HERE.

If you have suggestions for recipes or have questions, please email Chef Ava Marie CLICK HERE.




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James B
James B
1 year ago

Why was it necessary to say she was autistic in the title? Was this to give her an advantage over other competitors who are not autistic? Are you saying that because she is autistic that she otherwise wouldn’t stand a chance of winning?

Last edited 1 year ago by James B
James B
James B
1 year ago
Reply to  Editor

Ah, thank you for that info. She has my vote! Go Chef Ava Marie!!!

Ava Marie Romero
1 year ago
Reply to  James B

Awe I appreciate all the votes its about telling our story on diversity I was born with autism at the age of 3 years old didn’t talk until age 6. but now a days i am a miracle and a inspirational to all but actually suffer with anxiety these days from what’s going on in the world nothing to do with my autism. People think that but it’s not the case. But anyways thank you for writing my recipe