The Spirit of the Season is Alive – Serving Others, Restoring Faith in Mankind

South San Francisco, CA – December 22nd, 2022

From the SSFPD Facebook Page

EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT – On December 8, 2022, Officer Alfaro investigated a case where a family unfortunately had their vehicle stolen from their carport. At the time the vehicle was stolen, 3-year-old Regina’s electric ride-on police vehicle was inside. The following day, the family’s stolen vehicle was located by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office; however, Officer Alfaro learned that the daughter’s police vehicle was missing.

This did not sit well with Officer Alfaro so he told everyone on his dayshift patrol team about what happened. As a team, they graciously took up a collection and everyone donated their personal money to purchase Regina a brand-new electric ride-on police vehicle. Shortly thereafter, a children’s electric police car was ordered, delivered to the police department, and built… with a few customizations.
This afternoon, the family responded to our police department and 3-year-old, Regina, was presented with her new and improved police vehicle. The family was also presented with a gift card and some additional toys.
Thank you to everyone on our weekday dayshift team (DAY A) for your compassion and kindness. You are making a difference!
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5 months ago

WTG officers.