Where to Enjoy Holiday Decorations in South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA  December 2, 2022

The season of light is upon us as we can see by our Sign Hill Christmas Tree lite in splendor of colors and the City has added a few other areas in town where they have installed decorations. The map they provided is shown below – enjoy!


In addition, we have many residences that have decked out for the holidays and we ask our readers to add the streets in the comments below so we might all enjoy the work done by our neighbors – thank you!

Parkway Estates is one neighborhood that keeps the holiday spirit alive, located off of Chestnut Blvd. Where else are you enjoying the holiday spirit? Let us know!


And we have enjoyed the great photos shared of our Favorite SEE’S Candies decorations!

Photo by Lisa McGovern

Photo credit Judy Stone

Photo Credit: Evangelina Saldaña


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9 months ago

holidays used to be better, but today all the magic has disappeared somewhere, I don’t know why, but there is no desire to celebrate all this very actively

9 months ago

Really miss the Lilac Lane Christmas when Santa used to come on a fire truck with toys from Dakin. So many years ago. Do you remember that?