Assemblymember Diane Papan’s Statement on the 2023-24 State Budget Proposal

South San Francisco, CA – January 10th, 2023 

From Press Release

Assemblymember Diane Papan’s Statement on the 2023-24 State Budget Proposal


January 10, 2023

David Burruto


San Mateo –  “As with our weather, California is experiencing significant volatility. But due to careful planning and thoughtful budgeting, the state is well positioned to withstand a decrease in revenues and the economic uncertainty ahead.

Despite an estimated budget deficit of $22.5 billion, the proposed budget maintains and even expands the vast majority of services including childcare, public education, affordable housing and investments in climate resilience.

Importantly for the 21st Assembly District, the budget includes additional funding for Urban Flood Risk Reduction—$135.5 million over the next two years to support local communities to address flooding. This is on top of the billions of dollars committed in previous budgets to address the combined threats of drought, wildfires and flooding.

I will continue to advocate for additional funding to combat the ever-increasing threats due to climate change supporting community resilience and adaptation strategies that will save lives, property and maintains livelihoods.

Local governments or community based efforts will not be able to cope with the destructive potential of the natural disasters that will continue to impact our state and our county. Both state and federal support will be critical to help our communities prepare for a future with more extreme weather events.”

David Burruto

District Director

Office of Assemblymember Diane Papan

(650) 349-2200

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steve m
steve m
4 months ago

let’s see if they finally do something about water storage and flood control. 50 years too damm late ! stop blaming everything on phony climate change. these people all say the same nonsense over and over. no wonder the state is going to hell. kick the can down the road and wait till there is a disaster.