UPDATED Go Fund Me Sites for Those Affected by Susie Way Roof Damage

San Francisco, CA – January 14th, 2023 [update January 17th, 2023]

Submitted via FB messenger

There are 3 additional sites of persons and families that were affected by this damage:

Edgar Moreno who lived there: https://gofund.me/71225ff5
and another family who was devastated:


“Hello good morning. My coworkers are doing a gofundme for the apartment complex on Susie way where the roof flew off. If you can please post on the page that would be awesome. Apparently, the property management is not making things easy for the families who were affected by this.”


Please see the GoFundMe page here:

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Marco Nunziati
Marco Nunziati
1 year ago

I wouldn’t mind to contribute but that is the responsibility of the owner /insurance.