Letter to Editor: Keep the Municipal Service Building (MSB) intact

South San Francisco, CA  January 29, 2023 by Jeffrey Tong, Local resident, and RE Broker

A typewriter and a text beside it, “Letters to the Editor”

SSF City Council,
The people of SSF know why city council wants to raze the Municipal Services Building (MSB) – because development generates a one-time windfall for the city, and the city will appear richer.  Moreover, you’ll look like you’ll meet Scott Wiener’s housing mandates.  But the housing market is about to reverse course drastically!  There is already a glut of AirBnB’s which will spill over into long-term rentals, and flood the housing market – ultimately lowering housing prices!  The trend is already happening… while you are building a massive amount of housing!
Moreover, people do not move here because of esoteric statistics – they do so because there is a sense of “community” ❤️ – something you will lose if you raze the historic Municipal Services Building!
The Municipal Services Building must be preserved as a senior center, a home for the South San Francisco Historical Society, the Cultural Arts Commission (where artists can rent studio space), a child care center, for rentals for social events, and a place to enjoy as many residents use it as a refuge.  It has ample parking, and it has historical significance to all South San Francisco residents.   Right now, you have a delicate balance.  Without it, where will you fill the void?
Please rezone the Municipal Services Building back to mixed use IMMEDIATELY!  This historical building is an irreplaceable resource that will continue to serve SSF residents into the indefinite future.
Jeffrey Tong
Real Estate Broker
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steve m
steve m
8 months ago

keep that Weiner out of SSF . name suits him. communist freak show.