SAVE THE MSB! City Council meeting 1/25/23

January 26th, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA – Submitted by Cindy Marcopulos

City Council meeting 1/25/23

At last evening’s City Council meeting (1/25/23), the council voted to pass the 700-page housing element that included the MSB as a possible future site for high-density/low-income housing.

This is important:

In 2017, the MSB was rezoned from “mixed-use” to “housing”.  The reason being is that the Community Civic Campus was zoned as “housing”, but our city wanted to build the Community Campus on that site, and it is State-mandated that if you take one property out of the housing element, you must replace it with another property.

The Community Civic Campus is being funded by the Measure W half-cent 30-year local sales tax ballot measure, the city incurring bonds and private donations.  We voted for four things when Measure W was passed in November 2015:

1)      Increase Police and Fire services;

2)      Programs for seniors and the disabled;

3)      Repair streets and potholes;

4)      Gang suppression.


According to then Assistant City Manager Marion Lee, “council just decided” to build the Community Civic Campus at a meeting held on January 11, 2016, at Dominic’s at Oyster Point.


In order to get it rezoned back to “mixed-use,” the City Council is the body that decides that the MSB be rezoned to “mixed-use”.  By rezoning it back to mixed-use, it will preserve the MSB from high-density/low-income development.


The City owns multiple properties that can be “traded” for the MSB and preserve it for a senior/multi-use center.


I will be asking for your help again in the near future.  If you wish, you may want to contact the City Council now and ask that the MSB be rezoned to “mixed-use”.


Thank you,


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