South San Francisco Police Weekly Crime Report

South San Francisco, CA – January 12th, 2023

from the South San Francisco Police Department Facebook Page January 11th, 2023

FRAUD / SCAM ALERT – Within the past week, South San Francisco Police Department fraud investigators have noticed a trending online/phone scam targeting local Xfinity/Comcast customers.
The scammers pose as Xfinity representatives and pitch a combination of promotional opportunities to persuade their victims to purchase Target store gift cards in order to receive discounts on Xfinity services. These scams are very elaborate with authentic sounding automated call centers posing as Comcast/Xfinity representatives who also cite true customer information such as account numbers and addresses.
As always, be mindful of any online/phone solicitations asking or convincing you or anyone you know to purchase any gift cards in exchange for any services.
Here is a link to report fraud to the FTC who tracks all these type of scams.
Here is some more information from the FTC on the scam.…/scammers-are-posing-your-tv…


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