Storm Tips

South San Francisco, CA  January 4, 2022

Be sure to have flashlights and batteries and all your phones and devices charged well in advance. Check on local neighbors who live alone and those who might be more vulnerable – especially if the power goes out.

Remember, THIS storm is following the one that came in on New Year’s which left our ground saturated, which could cause potential problems with tree roots. Trees have fallen blocking roadways and have taken out power lines in the past.


CHECK THE PGE POWER OUTAGE MAP if you lose power – this will give you an idea of how long it will take for power to possibly be restored.


PGE 1-877-660-6789


Stay off the roads unless necessary!



What to do if you see a downed power line

Never, ever touch a downed power line or go near one. Power lines are not insulated like power cords. Always assume the power line is live.

  • Don’t touch a fallen power line or anything touching the wire.
  • Do not touch anything or anyone in contact with a fallen power line or other equipment.
  • Keep children and pets away from fallen electric wires.
  • Do not drive over a fallen power line.
  • Call 911 immediately to report a fallen power line.

What to do if a power line touches your car

If your vehicle comes in contact with a downed power line

  • Stay inside! The safest place is in your car. The ground around your car may be energized.
  • Honk the horn, roll down your window and yell for help.
  • Warn others to stay away. Anyone who touches the equipment or ground around the vehicle may be injured.
  • Use your mobile phone to call 911.
  • Fire department, police and PG&E workers will tell you when it is safe to get out of the vehicle.

If there is a fire and you have to exit a vehicle that has come in contact with downed power lines

  • Remove loose items of clothing.
  • Keep your hands at your sides and jump clear of the vehicle, so you are not touching the car when your feet hit the ground.
  • Keep both feet close together and shuffle away from the vehicle without picking up your feet.



At the time of this update, we have learned from Leslie Arroyo that Public Works is now filling 500 sandbags at the Corp Yard – we will advise when they are available for pickup. The Department of Public Works  Corp Yard 550 N Canal (between Orange & Spruce)  (650) 877-8550 between 8am – 4:30pm for more information

Note: Schools will be closed tomorrow per SSFUSD HERE

Note: Emergency Operations Center opened in SSF HERE


Additional tips:

Keep medications, flashlights,  and any special items you may need close to you should the power go out. Use flashlights and avoid candles. Duct tape and heavy-duty plastic bags are good to keep on hand.

Check out to see the calls our Fire Department may be responding to and what areas might be of greater concern.


Please share your suggestions with us all below! Stay safe.





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