South San Francisco’s Chajinel Home Care Services Extends Internationally; Grand Opening of GereOM Announced

February 5th, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA

Chajinel Homes Services recently announced that last month, they opened two new senior clubs in Mexico. These clubs bear the name GereOM-Conscious Geriatric Care.



During the month of January 2023, Chajinel home care services opened two new Senior clubs in Mexico, under the name of GereOM-Conscious Geriatric Care. Founder and CEO, Daniela Jonguitud stated, “This serves several purposes, but most importantly, is the opportunity for me, the founder to retribute and share the blessings that immigrating to the States has brought to my life. I would not be honoring my roots, and ancestors if I do not return to my birth country and share the medicine of senior care.”


Honoring her ancestors, Ms Jonguitud shares the red ribbon cutting with her Grandmother (L) and her Mother (R)


She believes openings these centers allows them to serve not only those from her native Country but also “the aging community of American citizens that retire in Mexico.”


The new international facilities are located in Chihuahua More HERE, and in Torreón, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico.




Brimming with pride, Daniela Jonguitud stated, “GereOM is a work in progress, and we hope that one day in the near future we can open its doors here in California, bringing quality workshops to maintain independence and autonomy in the aging adult, conscious nutrition, technology, virtual reality, private services, access to professional services of geriatricians, gerontologists, PT’s,  phycologists, and thanatologists, and certifications in aging life care. Our community is changing and we want to adapt to serve the needs of it from a place of deep awareness and consciousness.”


Joy is in the soul and not the age, we all carry that child inside that we should never hide.
GereOM a Geriatric Club to your level.


She continues that the mission of GereOM is to give “conscious geriatric companionship,” while rejuvenating aging adults into communities. She believes the aging population, with their plethora of wisdom and knowledge have so much to offer society and are often overlooked because of their age. She believes in restoring their ever-important role in the surrounding communities and reintroducing vital social values such as empathy, respect, and compassion among others. CLICK HERE for MORE



Ms. Jonguitud goes on to state that 2022 was a “year of growth here in Chajinel,” traversing international borders and improving revenue by approximately 25%. She is proud of their ability to provide their services at the county level which has led to another year as the VA’s (Veteran Administration) preferred provider. Ms. Jonguitud reports she has continued her own education by attending the Stanford Graduate School of Business to prepare herself to continue to grow with her business.



She goes on to say, “2023, is full of surprises and projects for us; we have just received our certification as a Minority Owned Business by the Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council,  working in our Joint Commission certification, creating educational workshops for the service industry where consciousness and values are deeply rooted, and launching our professional geriatric companionship certification.”



Only one of over a dozen interviews Ms. Jonguitud participated in during the weeks leading up to the Grand Openings of GereOM.


She is grateful for the opportunity to share their success with the community and the opportunity to continue to grow, stating, “you are important teachers in the art of business and community involvement to me.”



As a local community leader, Ms. Jonguitud is a proud Board member of the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and is part of the Chairman Circle working to support and promote other local businesses.



Daniela Jonguitud is an inspiration to those around her and is known for her fortitude and ethics which continue to attract success wherever she goes. For more information on services available in the San Francisco region, please CLICK HERE. To learn more about GereOM please CLICK HERE.


Much dedication and hard work were put forth to open GereOM, pictured here is the setup for the seminar Ms Jonguitud leads for her team.

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1 year ago

They came to care for my mother and their help make my mother feel safe and comfortable. She now eats and goes for walks
These people are good people to help

Clarissa S.
Clarissa S.
1 year ago

Congratulations Daniela and staff! You are all doing God’s work! Thank you!