California Voters to Decide Whether to Fund Expansion of Housing and Mental Health Treatment

March 20, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA – ESC Correspondent, Allie Saults

A proposal by Governor Gavin Newsom will ask California voters to decide that an expansion of housing and mental health treatment will go forward. The proposal aims to address the turbulent homelessness issues plaguing the state and will allow funding to develop residential facilities for up to 12,000 residents to live in while receiving treatment for their mental health. 

Governor Newsom stated, “We have to address and come to grips with the reality of mental health in this state and our nation. The question is, what can we do more and do better?”

The project is said to plan for partial funding from general obligation bonds that are said to raise between, “$3 and $5 billion” to develop facilities in addition to longer-term homes for residents of the program. With the development of these campuses, the Mental Health Services Act would be updated. It was approved in 2004 by voters and charges a 1% tax on “incomes greater than $ 1 million to fund mental health services.” Lawmakers have criticized that money from the tax has not been reaching the intended recipients. Governor Newsom reported, “the new version would improve oversight for counties.” In a statement from his office, it was said, “Modernizing it will lead to $1 billion every year for housing, treating substance abuse disorders, and more.”

State Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman, D-Stockton, is poised to announce the plan which is said to include funding for veterans in need all across the state.


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steve m
steve m
2 months ago

they wasted billions on the problem . only to make it worse. the biggest moron ever to hold the governor’s office . period. makes Arnold and gray Davis look good. just trying to buy his way to the top. 12,000 (residents) is not even a fraction of the people living on the street. a problem this brainiac caused. finally catching up to him . the crisis must be
creeping into the wealthy parts where his donors live. maybe the dude that went poop
in aunt Nancy’s driveway was the last straw. sorry brother your time is over.
totally incompetent. complete s-show.

L. Masetti
L. Masetti
2 months ago

Gov. Newsom, you are asking the voters for more money to help the homeless and mentally ill? While I am all for helping the homeless and especially our veterans, but what happened to the money you asked for in 2008? You told us you had a 10 year plan to take care of the homeless!!

And now we have even more homeless for the thousands upon thousands you have allowed into our state from the southern boarder!

And now, in San Francisco , they want to do reparations to the tune of 5 Million Dollars to every person that can prove their ancestors were slaves? And let them buy any home in San Francisco for $1.00! You are going to bankrupt our state!! And by the way, California was Never a slave state!!!!