Letter to Editor: Petition to Save the Municipal Services Building (the MSB)

South San Francisco, CA  March 20, 2023 by Cynthia Marcopulos, Community Leader

What has happened to South City?

What has happened to South City?  Well, all the massive development was pushed on us by former City Manager Mike Futrell who now has bailed to Riverside – what does that mean for us?  We have city staff not invested in our city except for their salaries, they do not live here, and they are continuing the “vision” of Futrell.

We’re told don’t worry about the Municipal Services Building, the MSB, nothing may ever happen, although Measure W Oversight Committee member Mike Brosnan stated it was to be sold, that was Futrell’s plan all along.

Who do we believe?  My bet is on Brosnan.

Let’s look at a little history, shall we?

Vice Mayor Nagales is very anxious to spend $21 million in “east of 101 impact fees” for bike and walking trails for the east side; the City Attorney said “the State” says it must be spent on the east side;

Developer Kilroy bought the 41-acre waterfront property at Oyster Point, and South San Francisco taxpayers paid $38 million to put in the infrastructure and lighting for this $308 million development;

Our taxpayer money is paying for a sewer system and pump station for a 500-room hotel at Oyster Point that will cost $750,000 for this sewer system-pump station construction, and during the life of the 500-room hotel, the city (we taxpayers) will maintain and pay for the repair costs;

Lindenville Specific Plan – you know this city, once they bring up the topic, it’s in the works to be implemented – “Life Science uses outcompeting industrial and residential uses…for development opportunities.” Biotech in our neighborhoods;

We all remember that the biotech was relegated to the east side, and they would not allow any housing near their campuses.  But, now the Safeway anchor project at ECR/Spruce has been rezoned to “life science/mixed use”, Biotech in our neighborhoods;

How many notices have you received from the city to give your input?  They say only 100 people do the surveys – 100 out of almost 67,000 residents?  Something is definitely wrong with the communications. 100 is not a mandate!

The residents have emailed, signed petitions, telephoned, attended council meetings, and have literally begged our city council to rezone the MSB back to its original state, mixed use, so it will be preserved as a senior/multi-use Community Building.

Maybe our city council and city staff should start representing the residents, and stop pandering to the biotech.  We are the ones they are supposed to represent!

Save the MSB.  Please sign the petition. It’s time for South City to take care of its residents!

Here’s the link:


And, please share widely with friends, family and neighbors.  It’s time our city starts caring about the wants and needs of our residents.

Thank you,



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