Letter to Editor: Spring 2023 is here

South San Francisco, CA  March 20, 2023 by Jeffrey Tong, Community Leader

The post WWII sub-urban (automobile-centered) experiment has failed miserably, and Nature always win, so let’s embrace Nature – not fight it!  Shall we?

If you are just a motorist, you miss 99% of Nature’s beauty that exists between the cracks.

It’s not about substituting one fuel type for another (ie: electric for gas) – it is about CHANGING the way we live!
It’s not about “Recycling” (ie: substituting the blue bin for the grey bin) – it is about Reducing and Reusing – CHANGING the way we live!
This is why El Camino Real (ECR) must be transformed from an auto-only corridor…
to a multi-modal transportation corridor – NOW!
Life is not about getting to a destination – it’s about the journey itself!
There is only one (final) destination in life



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steve m
steve m
11 months ago

yes lessons from covid-19 don’t listen to the government. they used it to push there agenda to scare people into the china / European model . sorry most average
Americans don’t want it. only a small handful of over educated idiots and
the one’s brain washed into it. post ww2 was the most prosperous time
in history. the auto and fossil fuels lifted more people out of poverty than
anything ever could not a failure . get on your bike and have a nice time
mr. tong if you think your saving the world. climate mental illness .