SM 101 Express Lanes Open March 3

March 3rd, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA

Caltrans, the San Mateo County Transportation Authority, and the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County are pleased to announce that starting March 3, 2023, the SM 101 Express Lanes from Whipple Avenue in Redwood City to I-380 in South San Francisco will be open to all FasTrak® Flex users. Until March 3, 2023, the Express Lanes between Whipple Avenue and I-380 will remain open to HOV 3+ (vehicles with 3 or more passengers) and motorcycles only from 5 AM – 8 PM, Monday through Friday. Please note, you must have FasTrak® Flex to access the lanes and all violators driving in the lanes will be subject to a fine. Construction activities are weather dependent and subject to change without notice.

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steve m
steve m
1 year ago

nothing ( express ) about it. people voted for it I guess? .what fools.
what is the money collected/wasted going to? probably something dumb.
that the unsuspecting public got tricked into. electric car charging stations?
who the hell knows. they don’t even say.? and it makes no sense.
face it they are tying to get you out of your car and into crappy public transit.
the only conclusion I have.. wait till the trains go electric and we don’t have the
electricity to run them. they are already turning the lights off on the bridge
at night being the power grid sucks. these people do not know what the hell they are doing! basket full of lie’s /fraud / deception and incompetence all rolled into one.
they have been taking advantage of the generosity of the average working
person for years in california and we just put up with it. now they have gone overboard.
no wonder the state is turning into a homeless dystopian tent city.
with idiotic solutions that make everything worse for problems they cause .

s T
s T
1 year ago

It is terrible to close one lane for express only all day; it will make traffic and doesn’t help reduce traffic. Highway 101 from Redwood City to SSF, there is no traffic during daytime, why do we need this express lane?????

1 year ago
Reply to  s T

Lanes were backed up, while express lane was empty!
It appears SMC policy leaders have moved in direction of catering to tech/bio and high earners, while ignoring community/citizen needs, addressing more serious concerns of homelessness and not taking into consideration lower income earners.

How would charging help ease traffic congestion and address the already current situation of the health issues caused by pollutants in nearby communities along Hwy101? Wouldn’t backups worsen the health concern problem?

Citizens can benefit from youth/seniors programs, county mobile van services (food, health, clothing, shoes), educational/job training etc.
Can the tolls be used for citizen needs and addressing issues SMC faces for healthier living?

steve m
steve m
1 year ago
Reply to  Neighbor

the tolls will go to there donor base. not working people that use the roads .
they should not have to be burdened more expenses. we already payed
for them through car registration . smog check rip off. gas tax. ect…
the money never goes to good causes. wasted on nonsense or embezzled.
if it does it is only crumbs. SMC policy leaders with there ( Equity ) b/s
right out of the Karl Marx playbook.

steve m
steve m
1 year ago
Reply to  s T

we don’t . these people are moron’s . guess dumb dumbs voted for it?