South San Francisco Weekly Crime Report

March 3rd, 2023 – South San Francisco

from the SSFPD Facebook Page

February 26th

GUN ARREST: Earlier today, Dayshift Officers contacted an 18-year-old San Francisco resident at a hotel on the 300 block of South Airport Boulevard. Officers discovered he had a “No Bail” warrant for evading police, and possessing firearms and burglary tools.

During the investigation, Officers located a fully loaded Glock 20 firearm and burglary tools inside a hotel room associated to the subject. The subject admitted to possessing the firearm and burglary tool.

The subject didn’t have a chance to evade this time and was arrested, transported and booked into the San Mateo County Main Jail for multiple offenses and the “No Bail” warrant. Great proactive work by our Dayshift Officers!!



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steve m
steve m
6 months ago

can’t we get rid of this “no bail” nonsense please? maybe close down that
flea bag motel on south airport. ? just a thought for our worthless city council.
it has been a problem for years . face it they don’t care . that is there voter base. LOL