South San Francisco Weekly Crime Report

March 9th, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA – from the SSFPD Facebook Page

March 8th, 2023 

STOLEN CARJACKING VEHICLE LOCATED: Yesterday morning, our cameras notified Officers of a stolen vehicle in our city. The vehicle had been stolen in a carjacking in a different jurisdiction. The Officers eventually located the vehicle on the 2200 block of Gellert Boulevard. A high-risk stop was conducted and a Bloomington resident was taken into custody safely.
Another great arrest thanks to these amazing cameras!!
March 7th, 2023 
SCAM / CONFIDENCE SCHEME – Unfortunately yesterday an elderly victim was swindled out of $22,000.00. The victim received a phone call from an unknown person stating her son was involved in a hit-and-run collision and he owed this person money for damages. They additionally told the victim that a woman suffered a miscarriage as a result of this alleged hit-and-run collision. Believing this was true, the victim provided her home address and two males arrived at her home at two separate times to collect the money. When the victim’s son arrived home, she informed him of what happened and learned she had been scammed. The incident was then reported to SSFPD.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) based scams involving voice-generating technology have greatly increased recently. It only takes a few sentences and recorded seconds of someone’s audio for their voice to be recreated. As always, be aware of spam calls but especially instances asking for voice prompts. The FTC reported that in 2022, imposter scams were the most frequent type of fraud. Out of 36,000 reports nationwide, over 5,ooo victims were scammed out of $11 million just over the phone.
Although our police investigation is continuing we would like to advise our community of this scam to prevent future victims.
During a proactive traffic stop investigation, South San Francisco Police officers contacted two adult occupants that were from the cities of Pacifica and Oakland. One of the occupants provided false identifying information to officers, and through investigation, it was determined they had an outstanding warrant for their arrest for an attempted murder that took place in a different city. A subsequent search of the vehicle and location they were staying in recovered the pictured firearm, ammunition, suspected methamphetamine, fictitious checks, multiple identification cards belonging to others, and evidence of narcotics sales. Both occupants were ultimately arrested for numerous felony charges, and they were booked into the San Mateo County jail.
Thank you to our Swingshift and Graveyard Officers for your proactive work and for great coordination and planning to safely apprehend this violent fugitive that had access to a loaded firearm!!
March 5th, 2023 
Yesterday, Officers conducted a traffic enforcement stop on the 300 block of South Airport Boulevard and contacted a 32-year-old San Francisco resident and a 27-year-old Fresno resident. The driver lied about his name to conceal the fact he was on parole. The Officers eventually learned his true identity. The passenger was also on probation. During the stop, a friend of theirs, a 46-year-old Day City resident, approached the scene and was found to have an outstanding arrest warrant.
During their investigation, Officers learned they were all associated with a hotel room. Officers conducted a search of the hotel room and located a loaded Glock firearm, a window punch, and a large quantity (over three pounds) of marijuana.
All three suspects were placed under arrest and booked at the main jail for numerous charges. Excellent proactive police work by our Dayshift Officers. Keep up the great work!! We all appreciate it!!!
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steve m
steve m
6 months ago

seems like there is an incident at that flea bag hotel every week.
time to close it. it has been a haven for crime and drug runners forever.
these out of town criminals know where to base there operation.
our city council does not care. feel sorry for our SSFPD to have
deal with this nonsense caused in part by our elected (leaders) shameful .
unless they are affected by there light on crime policy’s they won’t do anything.
never a peep from these people. maybe an atta boy ! for the SSFPD

Clarissa State
Clarissa State
6 months ago

Thank God for our dedicated police officers and firemen of South City! In a time where there is no respect for life, I pray diligently for their protection! I hope that everyone seeing this does the same. I pray that people will learn that 99% of cops are Not bad and learn to Appreciate that they risk their Lives Daily!! God bless you all, SSFPD and SSFFD!