Letter to Editor: Please contact San Mateo County Supervisors on this dangerous ordinance – Undocumented Felons

South San Francisco,CA April 23, 2023 by Cynthia Marcopulos, SSF Community LeaderA typewriter and a text beside it, “Letters to the Editor”

Dear Fellow Community Members,

Please watch this short video with ABC Channel 7 News reporter Stephanie Sierra interviewing SMC Supervisor Canepa on this issue.


SMC Supervisors to vote on this ordinance tomorrow – contact them today!

{SMC Press Release HERE}


I worked for 30 years in the criminal courts, and the last 16 years reporting homicides exclusively, so I’ve seen my share and more of crime.

It is time to recall our San Mateo County Supervisors —

I am for being inclusive, giving others a chance, knowing there are those who are wrongly convicted, etc., but this is beyond bizarre and dangerous.

Supervisors passed a sanctuary ordinance to protect criminal asylum seekers — even those convicted of murder, rape and child molestation.

Final San Mateo Supervisors vote Tuesday April 25. SAN MATEO COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) –

– The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors passed a sanctuary ordinance to protect criminal asylum seekers — even those convicted of murder, rape and child molestation.

3 1/2 min video https://abc7news.com/san-mateo-county-sanctuary-co-asylum-seekers-convicted-immigrants-deportation/13156977/

The final vote will be April 25.
Email the supervisors now and demand a NO vote on allowing asylum seekers with these criminal convictions to stay in the US.
Supervisor Mueller voted to defeat this – Dist. 3 rmueller@smcgov.org
The remaining four are pro criminal asylum:
Dist. 1; Dave Pine, dpine@smcgov.org
Dist. 2; Noelia Corzo, ncorzo@smcgov.org
Dist. 4; Warren Slocum, wslocum@smcgov.org
Dist. 5; David Canepa, dcanepa@smcgov.org
Thank you,
NOTE – The press release from the SMC Supervisors on this issue can be found HERE

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steve m
steve m
1 month ago

mr. canepa is just doing the job the Biden/Harris administration want him to do.
comes from the top. the top down middle out . just like Joe said. you get what you
vote for. not me. got more brains than that. damm bleeding heart liberals. got a
great idea why not fix the problems we already have before inviting more?

1 month ago

Thank you Cindy for sharing this information including the link for the interview with Canepa – that gives a deeper look into the mindset of these decisions.

This is my letter to our Board of Supervisors, the hour is late, yet I encourage others to let their opinions be heard

SUB: NO on sanctuary ordinance protecting criminal undocumented immigrants.

Dear Public Servants,

No. That simple. No. There should be no protection for criminal asylum seekers/ undocumented residents. Period.

It might sound progressive and hits all the high marks but it is not what we expect from our public servants who have sworn to uphold our constitution and our public safety.

There is a difference between immigrant, illegal aliens/immigrants, criminal illegal aliens/immigrants

It would seem your time would be full working towards the issues the law abiding citizens have requested when they voted you into office. However, if you believe you have the time and resources do anything positive for undocumented immigrants, it is best to use those assets to fix the damn broken system that bottlenecks the legal system not allowing vetted people into our Country, State, and County.

That is where the real problem exists. Stop window dressing it and rewarding law breakers with public support. It’s nonsensical.

Wrong it wrong, illegal is illegal. Fix the system that you are part of, not condone law breaking as you all are role models for others including, our youth.

Kamala Silva Wolfe

steve m
steve m
25 days ago
Reply to  Kamala

gonna re-name these people stupidvisors. they believe in there super liberal ideas.
super progressive whatever you want to call it..I call it plain stupid. it does the opposite of what it (sounds ) like. they
do not believe in borders or citizenship. it is the globalist mindset. period !! full stop.
it is really that simple. it is all intentional. make no mistake about it. they don’t want to fix it is working as intended. welcome to the new world order. congrats.