Letter to Editor: Save the MSB for Senior Services – Sign Petition Today!

South San Francisco, CA  April 10, 2023 by Cynthia Marcopulos, Save the MSB Member

ESC – thank you for your continued help in getting our messages out and allowing us the opportunity to update our community on issues that impact us all. Unfortunately, other platforms such as Next Door are deleting our group posts after complaints made by those who do not even live in SSF. cm

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Dear Editor and Community,

The Industrial City – my, have we grown, from a working-class community, to the biotech capital of the world. But, that still is who we are, a middle-class community. The residents cannot pour tens of thousands of dollars into the campaigns of our City Council to ensure we have a quid pro quo and get what we need to ensure our quality of life like the biotech and other corporations do, but the City Council took an oath to represent the residents.


We know from public record requests of the code inspection reports dating back to 1969 that the MSB has passed every inspection and is a structurally sound building, but what has been withheld is how many thousands of dollars went into its upkeep and maintenance since the Assistant City Attorney has denied a public records request for that information — taxpayer dollars and the public’s right to know – but is this the plan? Keep the public in the dark and then demolish the MSB?


We know Measure W Oversight member Mike Brosnan emphatically asked in the January meeting that the MSB was to be sold to pay for the fire station across the street and that was the plan all along – but whose plan?


And the city staff tried to silence him, and they diverted the conversation so the question Mr. Brosnan asked was never answered – and the Chief Planner, the City Attorney, the City Manager and the City Council keep telling us, “Don’t worry, it may never happen” that the MSB is to be sold and demolished.


Who can we trust?

Please sign the petition to Save the MSB!


Please forward and invite your friends, family and neighbors to sign the petition.


Let’s take back our city! Save the MSB!





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Your Neighbor
Your Neighbor
1 year ago

SSF has become and is now officially a hostile city, to its own residents and wants bio-tech to swallow it one bio-lab at a time.
It started and won’t stop. Growth is stagnant and tenements will replace a once suburban enclave, with tree lined streets and the once American dream will go up in smoke.
The new whale of a library will soon open its doors but the geniuses at city hall in their infinite stupidity built something that will fall short of of the ïconic” coined by the departed meathead city manager.
The new library will be smaller, house less and the MSB will needed to take up the slack.
SAVE THE MSB for historical relevance and practical application.

The City will be served best when we listen to residents.