Letters to the Editor: Park Users Be Respectful

May 11th, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA  – Submitted by Patty Gomez A typewriter and a text beside it, “Letters to the Editor” (300x158)

To the group that keeps cutting the nets of the soccer goals and using them without permission at Orange Park:

Please be mindful and respectful of the equipment. I’m constantly repairing and zipped-tying every single weekend for games. The goals are only used during the games.

To furry friend owners:

Please pick up after your dogs. Kids play on the field and find themselves either stepping in dog poop or falling in it during play.

To the lady that drives a 4 runner and walks about 9 to 10 dogs at Terrabay and Buri Buri:

Please be respectful and pick up after the pups. Our kids train at Terrabay field and find so many land mines on the field it’s ridiculous.

There are waste bags provided at the entrance of the field. USE them.

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