SSFPD Warns of Extortion Scam

May 12th, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA – from SSFPD Facebook Page

SCAM ALERT: The South San Francisco Police Department has taken several reports of attempted extortion scams in the past few weeks. The victims are receiving telephone calls from local numbers telling them their loved ones have been kidnapped. They are told if they hang up, tell anyone or call the police, they will kill their family member. They then demand money for their release. Thankfully none of the victims complied with their request.
Unfortunately, this is a very common scam and we want you all to be aware of it.
Safety Tips: Please do not provide any personal or financial information to unknown callers over the telephone or online. Block unwanted calls and text messages. Resist the pressure to act immediately. Stop and talk to someone you trust before you do anything.
Stay safe South San Francisco!!
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