San Mateo County Fair 2023: A Romance in Your Menu by Guest Contributor Elizabeth Nisperos

June 9th, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA – by Elizabeth Nisperos

After the pandemic, romanticizing your life idea trends in social media. When you go to a restaurant, you don’t order food, you say “Give me your menu.” So you can choose what you want. It’s like life what you order it’s what you want. People after Covid want happiness. Two kinds of happiness eudaimonic relating to your purpose and meaning of life; hedonistic relates to momentary happiness that changes due to circumstances like eating an ice cream, then pleasure fades away but it’s the small moments in life that contribute to your meaningful life.

Romanticizing a life is paying attention to mundane things one overlooks, like the morning sunlight, a blade of grass with gradients of green hues, placing a dandelion in a pretty vase, and drinking water in an elegant wine glass.


You can experience heaven like in the song “It’s heaven when you find romance in your menu.” in the song “What A Difference A Day Makes” You don’t need to die first to go to heaven to experience heaven.  Research biologists found the fountain of youth is in your cells. At the end of the DNA is a telomere, as you age the telomeres grow shorter but when you’re happy, telomerase, an enzyme that activates the telomeres grow a bit longer.

Romance not necessarily between a man and woman but exploring mystery, unknown, new experiences releasing happy endorphins, oxytocin.

Research biologists to release telomerase is to be “in love” every day, a choice between love and fear. Being “in love” means paying attention with passion to something you enjoy like gardening, painting, playing music, collecting stamps, cooking favorite menus, studying wines, learning a foreign language.

The award-winning San Mateo County Fair gives residents a chance to put Romance in Your Menu because you pay only low cost for your tickets.

For schedule:

For Pricing:


Lots of fascinating activities: See Lists.

Safeway Live Concerts Series: Foghat, Remember When Rock Was Young(The Elton John Tribute), Abel Sanchez & The Song For Cesar Band, Fleetwood Mask, Smash Mouth, Dia de la Feria(Las Fenix, Grupo Bryndis)


Special Events: Daily – Black History Museum, Family Pride Day, Honoring Our Veterans, Meet PJ Masks, Meet Dino Ranch, Pacific Islands Day, Dia de la Feria

At the Expo Hall

Agriculture/Floral Arts/ Garden Landscape, Creative Home Arts, Culinary Arts, Department of Innovation, Farm Heroes Exhibit, Fine Arts Galleria, Optical Illusions, San Mateo County Library Bookmobile, SkyRiver Butterflies, Youth Exhibits, The Lost World of Dragons.

Like the Dinosaurs Exhibition of 2022, the 2023  Lost World of Dragons animatronic with movement and sounds engages and educates the attendees to explore the legendary beast’s history.

At Fiesta Hall: Shopping Area, Family Game Zone, Robotics Zone, Model Railroads;

Don’t Forget: Food courts(funnel cakes, barbecue, hamburgers, cotton candies, popcorns), Carnival Rides and Games, Livestock arena, Fair Farm, Domini Hoskins Black History & Learning Center, Petting Zoo, Silver Starlets Aerial Acrobatics Show; the most packed show is the Alaskan Pig Races.

For artist’s perspective: No cameras or videos in the Fine Art Galleria to prevent copyright infringement.

I almost didn’t submit my art this year since April I was busy the entire month participating in a writing booth camp where I need to write at least 1500 words a day, and also attending an International STEAM Summit. The passion to create is built-in; I was able to paint seven pieces and submitted five.

Art who was submitting entries for his daughter helped me to carry my five pieces to intake volunteers. Shirley received my entries, no Peggy in sight but I was able to meet Roger again and told him he was in my article in 2022

My Pieces: 1) Title:  Superbloom Entangled on Hair. Inspired by the long atmospheric storm in CA  which delivered super blooms in the mountains. A lady got caught in the rainstorm cyclone and woke up with super blooms on her hair.

2) Title: God is Love, Never Fails. A celebration of the color of the year Magenta, a red palette, with God’s Love reminding it never fails in a side window. I was surprised that there’s now a “Religious Category”, I got a rejection for my piece for County Hall Exhibition not because of the quality of my work. They said they don’t exhibit pieces with religious content.

  1. Title: Seven Dimensions of Wishes. An abstract in acrylic and pastels based on the poem I created with the same title.

4. Title: Vibrant Lights on Black Holes. An oil abstract base on the poem theorizing light must be vibrating in black holes since Creator is Light.

  1. Title: You R Just My Type: Lettering. Nudged by President’s Trump quote “She’s not my type”. I did it just for fun. On the other hand, God tells 8 billion folks on earth with a sky banner “You R Just My Type” on a superbloom landscape because the creator made people in his image.

To all San Mateo County Fair attendees. Here’s the song “What A Difference A Day Makes” that motivates you to put “Romance in Your Menu”.

Dinah Washington classic

Angelina Jordan, a young generation interpretation Norway”s Got Talent champion

Laura Fygi, Jazz interpretation

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About Elizabeth NisperosElizabeth Nisperos

Elizabeth Nisperos’ is a long-time resident of South San Francisco and a lover of the arts and is a regular contributor to Everything South City. A former Commissioner of our Cultural Arts Board, Nisperos’ love of beauty spans from the visual, written word, and song. She is an award-winning Calligraphist, among many other disciplined talents.

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