South San Francisco A.C. Men’s Soccer Kicks Off 70th Season – Interested in Playing?

South San Francisco, CA  July 14, 2023 Submitted by Coach Mike Pizzo

South San Francisco A.C. men’s soccer team will begin its 70th season of representing South San Francisco, when the Southwest Premier League’s Pacific Premier Division starts play in September.


SSFAC is coming off a 5th-place finish in their 1st year participating in the SWPL.


The team will start their pre-season training in August and invite any players interested in joining the team to come out for a look and see if it is a good fit for you and the team.

You can reach out to the team on its Facebook page HERE or by email at


All interested players will get a response.


Home games will again take place at Colt Field on the campus of El Camino High School, our home since 2014.


Games are on Sundays and we encourage everyone to come out and watch your local club compete for a title.


It’s EXCITING, It’s ENTERTAINING, and most of all…..It’s FREE !!!


The schedule will be announced sometime in late August.


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Alvaro Bettucchi
Alvaro Bettucchi
11 months ago

The team began playing during the 1950’s,under the name ERMIS, a Greek God, and was supported by a few Greek-Americans that lived in our community of South San Francisco.. They played on the main field of Orange Avenue Park, where hundreds’ of people would stop on Sundays, to watch the games. They had no sponsors and the city provided the field at no cost, with the players and friends also donating for league fees and team expenses. Because of the interest and the crowds, the team was moved by the city, to El Camino High School. They are charged for the use of the field, cleaning expenses, league fees, ect. The players and friends seek to cover the expenses and sponsors would greatly be accepted. With Soccer having become one of the USA major sports, and the team having been in existence for a record 70 plus years, we hope that support from our community will become a reality!

Wendy Sinclair-Smith
Wendy Sinclair-Smith
11 months ago

Did they used to play at Orange Park by the pool. It must have been them. An amazing agile group of hard playing super fit men, just wonderful to watch. Such athletes ❤️